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Hearthstone: Off Meta Decks

For as long as Hearthstone has been around, there have always been decks that are simply better than others. However, there are some off meta decks that are incredibly fun and actually have a chance of winning. These decks are wild and super chaotic. But if players are able to control the chaos, they can easily surprise their opponent and catch them off guard.

Yoink Rogue

RNG incarnate!

This deck is the most chaotic when it comes to off meta decks. This deck has several main focuses. Those being Tess Greymane, Spectral Cutlass, and Academic Espionage. Using Academic Espionage and card draw abilities will bring out some cheap and possibly powerful cards. You’ll be able to survive with Spectral Cutlass because of its durability improvement ability, hopefully being able to out heal the damage you take.

Even if you are facing another rogue, cards like Hench-Clan Burglar will still be able to give your Cutlass a few charges. After you play plenty of other class cards, using Tess will either finish a game or set it up to be finished if your opponent doesn’t have an answer.

Murloc Priest

Perhaps the silliest deck, but the most satisfying to win with. This deck relies on Murloc Warleader and Bluegill Warrior to close out games with huge burst damage. Using Spirit of the Dead to shuffle the Murlocs back into the deck, as well as Mass Resurrection and Zerek’s Cloning Gallery. The main goal to shuffle tons of the Murlocs into the deck, resurrect them, clone them and destroy your opponent in a quick burst of unexpected damage.

This deck doesn’t use many minions to keep the revival pool clean and make sure you are guaranteed murlocs from the Cloning Gallery. It is a simple plan, but can be played effectively. The rest of the deck consists of survivability cards and card draw.

Holy Wrath Paladin

Her litter box must be huge.

The return of the OTK Paladin deck that many people have forgotten about. This deck will not be able to stay hidden for long. Once you start drawing tons of cards at once, your opponent will most likely know what the deck is, however stopping it will be another story. Since no OTK decks exist right now, there are not many tech cards out that will interrupt them, aside from straight out attacking your face and beating you before you get the combo off.

The point of this deck is heavy card draw till you are out of cards. Then placing multiple Shirvallah, the Tiger into your deck, and then casting Holy Wrath on your opponents face to finish them off instantly. This deck has changed a bit from the classic form it had back in Year of the Raven, but can still function in the Year of the Dragon.

Why Off Meta?

Off meta decks might not be the most optimized, but they can catch people by surprise and get you a few ranks higher. It also helps shake the game up and keeps players from getting bored by seeing the same decks over and over again. Playing these decks will also hone your skills in other ways to play, especially when new sets come out. This way when the new sets change how things are played, players will be ready for the new playstyle.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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