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Hearthstone: New Set

New set, new hype. Blizzard released a video that is a sneak peek into the new set. In the new video, we see Heistbaron Togwaggle sneaking into Madame Lazul’s room to take a candle. This is all after the Dalaran heist because we see that the city is abandoned and the League of E.V.I.L. blimp can be seen in the back. As Togwaggle is about to take the candle, the deck that gave us the villains begins to shine gold. Togwaggle lifts the top card and we hear a familiar tune. After some Looney Toons comedy from Togwaggle, we hear the song from the League of Explorers.

The Next Set

As many players predicted, the next set revolves around heroes that will come and combat the League of E.V.I.L. As a certain someone predicted in a previous article, at least one of the heroes is from the League of Explorers. Will we see all of them or just one? Only time will tell. If we only get one character from the League of Explorers, it will most likely be Reno Jackson or Elise Starseeker. Reno Jackson is a very iconic character from the set; however, he isn’t a very noble person so it’s hard to see him come to the rescue of Dalaran.

A return of a very powerful card. Probably not as powerful though.

Elise Starseeker, however, has appeared in other sets. And she is a very noble person who loves to help people. In Journey to Un’Goro, we see her showing kids around and teaching about the area. Perhaps that’s why she would want to save Dalaran besides it being the right thing to do. Dalaran is the capital of magic and, as such, has a huge library for the Mages. So she might be going there to save the books and knowledge more than anything.


It’s hard to imagine the entire cast of League of Explorers being the only ones that show up in this new set. Although it would make sense. The League of E.V.I.L. uses five of the nine classes available. Leaving four classes available for the heroes. Interestingly enough, there are four members of the League of Explorers, so perhaps they will fill in those classes. Although, it’s very hard to see any of them as a Paladin or a Druid.

It wouldn’t be hard to see more heroes show up to help, especially when the League of Explorers needed the help of the players to defeat Rafaam. So, to beat him and the other villains they will most likely need help. Perhaps the Mage class hero will be Medivh, or any other character that is from the past. With Nozari and her time abilities, perhaps she can pull heroes from the past or other timelines.

What Comes Next

The Aspect of Time

Blizzard will have more information on July 1. So, we will have to wait and see what they show us. This set could bring back the old feel Hearthstone had when the most current set was League of Explorers. But Blizzard doesn’t seem the type to go back to how things were and prefer to new things and keep thing fresh. So, who knows what we will see with the new set? Some of the names of this new set could be Dawn of Justice, Fall of Light, or perhaps it will even be titles Return of the League of Explorers. This set will bring in veteran players that were huge fans of the older sets.

After this set, we know next to nothing. Rumors are that the last set will be titled Dawn of Dragons. And it’s hard to argue with that idea since the gems that were shown before Rise of Shadows was announced seem to appear as though they are on fire. So, maybe the heroes and villains will have to team up to fight some evil dragons. But again, only time will tell.


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