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Hearthstone: New Hall of Fame

A new update is coming to Hearthstone. Two more cards move to the hall of fame and eight new cards are coming to the classic set. Blizzard talked about class identities and how that the two cards don’t really hold onto that idea. So, they wanted to move them over and bring in new cards that could help with that idea. These new cards might bring in new archetypes or improve current archetypes.

Hall of Fame  

The two cards that are moved to the Hall of Fame. These two cards are Vanish from the Rogue class and Mind Blast from Priest. Blizzard told players that the reason they got rid of them is because of they work in the complete opposite direction of where the classes are trying to go.

Now we can only use is Daring Escape.

With Rogue, they are meant to be able to play cards in combos and to have surprises. Their weakness is large board clears. With Vanish however, they could attack and then safely return their minions to their hand as well as forcing their opponents’ minions back to their hand. This means that as a rogue with Vanish, you can control the battlefield really well. If you empty out your hand before using vanish, you get all your cards back no problem. However, if your opponent doesn’t have room, the minions are destroyed. This makes destroying, or at the very least, returning your enemy minions relatively easy.

With Priest, they are supposed to be about healing and reviving cards. With Mind Blast though, it could unleash tons of sudden damage. Mind Blast functioned like Kill Command without the requirement and that it could only go face. Players even saw an entire deck based around this class where it could kill you almost instantly if you didn’t have a ton of armor to protect yourself. This card was super powerful even if it wasn’t used in every deck. The decks that did use it though were very strong.

New Cards

Two new legendary minions with very interesting battlecries. I think i hear the Spirit of the Shark calling.

Some of these new cards have some serious potential. Cards like Siegebreaker, Gift of the Wild, Brightwing and High Inquisitor Whitemane. They all have spots in current decks and can honestly build decks on their own if need be. These cards might be buffed or nerfed in the future, but for now, these are the ones that seem the most interesting.

Cards that would work well with decks that are currently used would probably be Siegebreaker and Gift of the Wilds. Siegebreaker could work in a Zoolock deck or an Imp deck. For this card, Rafaam’s Scheme can actually be used as well as Impferno. This would give your board a nice plus two to attack as well as damaging your opponents minions. Perhaps this will make imp decks viable. Or perhaps Rafaam’s Scheme and the other imp related cards will remain the binder.

With Gift of the Wilds, this fits well with Token Druid. Especially with Archmage Vargoth, making Gift of the Wilds go off twice. The dream scenario with token druid is to have Vargoth on the Field with your Whisps, then casting Gift of the Wilds to give all the Whips four attack and health as well as taunt, giving you a lot of attack on board and a wall.

Where We Will go

Token Druids just keep getting stronger and stronger.

The cards mentioned above are all very exciting and are full of potential. However, the loss of two cards has brought some players to think that Blizzard is removing all the good cards from the game. At the end of the day, Hearthstone is a game that needs people to play it, and although these cards are some players favorites, Blizzard is doing this for the good of players and the game in the long run. With these cards show, perhaps they indicate that in the next set we will see powerful cards that work well with them.


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