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Hearthstone: New Dragons

Descent of Dragons is on its way. Players have already seen some of the prominent dragons, including a third Deathwing. This means wild Warrior players have three Deathwings at their disposal which could be devastating in certain circumstances. But we will look into that later. Not all the dragons have been revealed, but some very interesting ones have.


This “dragon” is the most prominent character out of the set. Considering he shows up a total of five times, it’s no wonder that he will be a powerful addition to any deck. Perhaps not every deck, but a good portion, providing armor, a new Hero Power, and having different Battlecries. Depending on what the Warrior version and Shaman version have, he could be as powerful as some of the Deathknights from Frozen Throne.

Even though he is not a dragon and is instead a Hero Card, many players would still consider him a dragon. Envoking Galakrond is incredibly versatile, and even though it is not specifically his ability. But having him in your deck gives you some very flexible abilities. For Zoolock decks, it helps generate creatures on the board, for Tempo Rogue it allows you to generate more Lackies to use to keep the board under control and for Combo Priest it allows you to generate minions so that you don’t run out of steam.

Ysera, Unleashed

This card is a very tricky one to pin down. It will either be incredibly useful or a dead on arrival card. Portals from past cards have never been extremely good, and those demons had rush. Granted they were only 2/2 but they had an immediate impact on the board. These dragons will be forced to wait until the next turn to even do anything unless you can somehow draw cards on your opponents turn.

Unlike the original Ysera, her abilities do not have any immediate effect. It essentially becomes a body on the board and that’s about it. Hoping to draw the portals immediately is not reliable enough, as well as the portals deactivating Elise and Zephrys and forcing you to wait on Chef Nomi even longer. But the dragons are most likely going to be very large, depending on how the rest of this set pans out.

Malygos, Aspect of Magic

Malygos comes in at an incredibly cheap cost. Five mana for a body on the board plus a new spell in hand that is stronger than the original. It comes with a select few cards to select from. So, this gives players a 1/3 chance of getting a card they would be looking for. This gives a bit of reliability in his ability.

However, this ability could be improved by going through all Mage spells instead of a select few. This would be incredibly hard to program and make it far less reliable. This improvement would allow him to draw some incredibly powerful spells and work well with his son Kalecgos.



Deathwing, Mad Aspect

The third Deathwing to arrive in Hearthstone. But perhaps the one that will have a good impact on the board. A 12/12 for eight mana dragon that immediately attacks all other minions. A similar form to brawl except bringing a body to board at the end of it, if it survives.

This card is solid if it lands on the board through a recruit-like ability or through it’s Battlecry. Thanks to its lower Mana cost than the original, that means you can play cards or abilities after it is played. It belonging to the Warrior class means that it can be used with War Master Voone and the Boomship. This gives Warrior more options and controls the games through huge minions that can wipe boards.


The Rogue dragon, a card that makes a bit of a callback to the Darkness with it shuffling a candle into your deck. However, this dragon won’t be able to last very long. With its low health and mid mana cost, it most likely not find a home in many Rogue decks. Tempo Rogue would much rather have Leeroy Jenkins for the same mana cost as well as a better impact.

Even with Augmented Elekk it is still a heavy Mana commitment to get three of these dragons. But this dragon doesn’t have anything interesting about it. It doesn’t generate cards in hand when it attacks. It also doesn’t create infinite value by using its Battlecry every time it comes back. It doesn’t have rush or charge, so it won’t do anything when it hits the board except take up space and give your opponent a target to attack.

Nozdormu, the Timeless

The return of one of the worst Dragon Aspect but with a heavy power increase. A four Mana 8/8 that puts both players at ten Mana. This card is going to be meta defining or a card that will very rarely see play except through evolve like cards. Another deck that would use this card is Big Paladin.

This card could be good if the enemy isn’t ready for it. Some huge minions need a build-up before they are useful, like Shudderwok. Another downfall to dropping this on your enemy is that they might have low-cost cards in hand and can’t benefit from having the ten Mana except for emptying out their hand. But this could backfire for the Paladin using it. If they pick up a high costing card that can be tossed down to fix the board state. So this will definitely be a very hit or miss card.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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