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Hearthstone: New Decks for Uldum

With more and more of Saviors of Uldum cards coming, players are already asking what decks will rule the meta. Looking at the current legendary, epic and rare cards, some very interesting decks might come out. These interesting cards can even extend to the commons with the Reborn keyword.

Deathrattle Rogue

Anka, the Buried opens up a few doors for Deathrattle Rogue. This deck has tried in the past and failed. But now, this might change. Now with the ability to turn all the Deathrattle minions in your hand into 1/1s that only cost one, this becomes extremely helpful – Mechanical Whelp, Da Undertaker and Mecha’Thun being a few that would be extremely useful. There are so many Deathrattle cards that can work off themselves that it can be a never-ending cycle.

New Zoolock

Three mana 3/3 with a possible 5/5? Sounds like a solid card.

Warlock has always been a draw engine and had a habit of being able to pump out tons of small creatures to overwhelm their enemies. Surprisingly, Zoolock didn.t make an appearance in the Rise of Shadows meta, considering the Lackies being added.

However, with EVIL Recruiter now, this might be the solution that they needed. Being able to have a turn three 5/5 demon can be extremely powerful especially if your opponent doesn’t have an immediate answer. If it goes unchecked, the demon will most likely get in two or three hits in before it dies. This is a good chunk of health from the eneimies health, especially if you get the Kobold Lacky or any of the new lackies that can do damage.

New Midrange Hunter

Hunter will most likely see a resurgence of Midrange Hunter. With cards that reduce the cost of beasts as well as adding random hunter cards, this deck will have a solid mid game and a late game. With Scarlet Webweaver reducing the cost of your big beasts can make the late game stuff incredibly powerful in coming out soon or with other things to help them out.

Hunter’s Pack, this one card that only costs three mana will give you a Hunter Secret, Beast and Weapon. It essentially is giving three cards for three mana, which is an amazing deal, especially since only about three or four hunter cards are considered bad. But they might not be considered bad since they will be a three cards for the price of one deal. This card will most likely find a home in most decks for Hunter, even if it doesn’t go in Midrange Hunter.

Secret Mage

The return of Secret Mage?

Secret Mage might make a comeback. With Cloud Prince and Arcane Flakmage, this deck could make a very powerful impact. In the past couple of sets, Mage has struggled to find a place to in the meta. Kalecgos and Khadgar are both powerful cards, and with Conjurer’s Calling, many players thought that it would find a place. However, with the randomness that is involved makes it very unreliable. But without Cloud Prince and Arcane Flakmage, this provides some better defense and offence. Cloud Prince will deal six damage as long as you have a secret in play. With Arcane Flakmage, he will deal two damage to all enemy minions. The two of these will be great for mass board clear and direct damage on the bigger minions.

More to Come

With more and more cards being released almost every day, more deck ideas will come to light. But will these decks be able to take over the meta or will we have a bit of a stale meta similar to how it was in Year of the Raven? Only time will tell.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

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