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Hearthstone: New Boomsday Cards Continue to Intrigue

New Boomsday Cards

New Boomsday cards continue to be revealed, and some of them feel very surreal. Card effects are becoming crazier and crazier as Hearthstone continues to grow. From one card creating an entirely new deck, to a card destroying the enemy hero, playing in the new set will be rather fun.

Big Hand Mage

Another new card revealed for Mage is the Meteorologist. This card

New Boomsday Cards
Potentially a really big Arcane Missiles.

along with Astromancer seems to encourage a Mage deck that always has its hand full of cards. Whether with just simply a very draw-heavy deck or an Elemental Mage, there are some ways of going about this.

The card itself doesn’t seem too fantastic at first glance. A 3/3 minion for six mana is pretty bad, but depending on the damage it outputs, it could be a decent play. Meteorologist could do up to nine damage, which is capable of clearing medium board states. There is the downside of the damage not going where you want, but it could also be lethal if it hits face enough times.

Hallazeal Reinvented

A new Omega card has been revealed for Shaman. Omega Mind is a minion very reminiscent of Hallazeal the Ascended. Lifesteal on spells is great, especially in a class like Shaman where there are a lot of board removal options. The card isn’t as powerful as Hallazeal, which is good.

New Boomsday Cards
We’re gonna be rich!-with knowledge.

Coming in at 2/3 stats for two mana, Omega Mind is a good vanilla minion. When you reach 10 mana crystals, all the spells you play on the same turn as this card will heal you for the damage dealt. This works great with Volcano and Lightning Storm.

There are two aspects that keep this card in check when it comes to power level. Firstly, you have to be at 10 mana to benefit from the effect. Hallazeal, although more mana-expensive, did not require this. Also, it’s only on the same turn that the minion is played. The upside of this is that you can run two copies of Omega Mind in your deck.

The Mech Killer

E.M.P. Operative is a new neutral Epic minion. Its stat line leaves

New Boomsday Cards
I’ve got the robot in my sights.

a lot to be desired as a 3/3 body for five mana. However, killing a mech will be really important with all the mechs in the new Boomsday cards.

We’ve seen some very large and powerful mechs shown to be coming with the new set. So, this five mana card will be able to remove minions that cost a lot more than five mana, while still having a 3/3 leftover for board presence. This will probably have to be a one-of copy in a good portion of decks. The card on its own doesn’t really contribute to a win condition, so having two E.M.P. Operatives might not make too much sense.

C’thun is Back

Of the new Boomsday cards, this next one has the most powerful effect: winning the game. Mecha’thun is a cool and powerful card in concept. The drawback is that there is a ton of potential counters to him.

New Boomsday Cards
Difficult requirements to fulfill.

First off, being able to have no cards in your hand and deck is a very difficult task. He might be put into a Rogue deck which can now draw its entire deck with one card, or a Warlock deck that can burn through all of its cards.Then, the cards that are in hand have to be played or destroyed in order for Mecha’thun to hit the board, given you aren’t already dead.

In addition, there is the problem of silence and transform effects. A lot of decks are running Spellbreaker, which would prevent the Deathrattle effect of Mecha’thun. Mages run Polymorph, Shamans run Hex, and other classes have various ways of preventing him from destroying them. The way around this is to kill Mecha’thun on the turn you play him, but with a cost of 10 mana, its really hard to find a way to do that. There are potentially ways of cheating him out for less than 10 mana, but the card you play to kill him has to be your last, with no other minion on your field.


For a complete list of the currently revealed Boomsday Project cards, go here. If you have ideas as to what decks you would play these cards in, let us know in the comments below!


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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