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Hearthstone Meta Deck Counters

Saviors of Uldum has been out for some time. And players that are playing the ladder might have noticed a large amount of the same decks. This can be very frustrating to play the same thing over and over again, but there are ways to get past these decks through statistics and climb the ladder. The three most prominent decks that players will run into is Control Warrior, Murloc Paladin and Big Mage.

Control Warrior

The next card to get nerfed, hopefully.

Perhaps the most frustrating deck to fight against, especially in the mirror matchup. This deck’s one and only goal is to go into fatigue and for the opponent to run out of resources or concede. Control Warrior has so much power behind it thanks to Dr Boom, Mad Genius. Not only is his hero power super flexible, he also has a passive that gives mechs rush. Usually the current hero cards would give you a passive or active Hero Power.

The fact that Dr. Boom gives both makes him extremely powerful. Additionally, he gives seven armor instead of the normal five, even the old Death Knights only gave five armor. All this adds up to Dr. Boom being far stronger than the Death Knights and any of the current hero cards. Perhaps a nerf is in the future where the passive will be removed.

To counter this deck, players will need to force constant pressure on the opponent. The best counter for this deck is, funny enough, a different warrior. Aggro Warrior and Mecha’Thun Warrior are both very good at taking care of Control Warrior. Aggro Warrior forces them to play their taunt cards, making them miss out on the buff they would have gotten from Armagadillo. With Mecha’Thun Warrior, they will be playing the long game with you, except dying from the Deathrattle of Mecha’Thun.

Murloc Paladin

Step aside Murloc Shaman

Murlcos are always around. Be that in Shaman or Paladin. With Paladin, though, they use Prismatic Lens to swap the cost of a low cost minion and Tip the Scales. After this you are able to swarm the board with Murlocs and burst damage your opponent. It also has Zephyrs the Great to pull some miracles out when the go and get tough. As well as having Chef Nomi for when you run out of cards and need something to finish off the game.

The best way to fight this deck is to use either mage with a bunch of AOE spells like Blizzard or use warrior for Brawl and Warpath. These decks will clear the board and use up their finisher. Granted they have two, but so do these decks with their counters. It’s just a matter of holding onto them until the time is right.

Big Mage

Making Big Mage bigger

This deck can be incredibly frustrating depending on what version you are playing against. But on the bright side, it can just fail on its own if the right cards aren’t drawn. This deck relies on Luna’s Pocket Galaxy, Tortollan Pilgrim, King Phaoris and a few other big spells. This deck will make the expensive minions cheap and with King Phaoris your big spells become immediate big minions.

This deck has one big weakness besides not getting proper draws. That weakness is against aggro decks. Going in quickly can force the Mage to use up their expensive spells, making King Phaoris incredibly weak. Additionally, board clears with brawl will also help get rid of any of the big minions that come out. This deck will only become a problem when all of it’s combos go off, after that it becomes near unbeatable.

The Meta so Far

The meta is still constantly shifting. Nothing has been set yet and once one deck becomes stable, there is a new counter for it in the works. And the cycle will continue. Perhaps this will be the case for the rest of the set with a constantly shifting meta. If that is the case, this will be the most balanced set release so far. If no one deck becomes predominant, then all the cards are balanced and counter each other, just like Blizzard intended, at least until the next set is released.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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