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Hearthstone: Last Boomsday Project Legendaries Revealed

Last Boomsday Project Legendaries

With less than a week left until expansion drops, all Boomsday Project cards were revealed on a livestream with Sean “[Day9]” Plott and game designer Mike Donais. We now have a complete 135 card list of what we will see starting on August 7. Let’s break down the last Boomsday Project Legendaries that were shown on stream.

Druid’s New Gloop

Last Boomsday Project Legendaries

Floop’s Gloop is Druid’s theme in Boomsday.

Druid’s legendary spell is Floop’s Glorious Gloop. At one mana, it’s a rather valuable card. Cheating mana like the card Innervate allows Druid to play cards that no other class can so early in games.

This card can allow you to play an Ultimate Infestation after clearing a Whispering Woods board. It could also be paired with a Swipe board clear to take advantage of the other high cost cards in Druid decks.

It’s hard to say what exact decks this card should be ran in. The best deck is probably a form of Token Druid. Token Druid has the capability of producing so many small minions. These minions can subsequently be killed off to potentially have an extra 10 mana for a turn with this Legendary spell.

Big Deathrattle Hunter

Last Boomsday Project Legendaries
A better Call of the Wild?

Hunter’s Legendary spell is Flark’s Boom-Zooka. This card will Recruit three minions from your deck, grant them Rush, and kill them off afterward. At eight mana, it’s a little expensive, but for good reason.

This card could be utilized in a very top heavy Hunter deck that only uses spells in its early game. Recruiting three eight or more mana minions all for eight mana could be a huge tempo swing. The only downside is that the minions die. However, this can be taken advantage of by having minions with Deathrattle.

This spell has excellent synergies with cards like Kathrena Winterwisp, who upon death could summon a King Krush or Savannah Highmane. Highmane is another one of those cards that is valuable off the Boom-Zooka, leaving behind board presence after dying. This card might not be quite as good as Druid’s Legendary spell, but it should still see play.

Celestial Copycat

Last Boomsday Project Legendaries
Think carefully of what you play next.

A new neutral Legendary minion is Harbinger Celestia. This clocks in as a four mana 5/6 with stealth. Those are fantastic stats, should your opponent not have an answer to her. There is a good upside and a bad downside to her effect.

Copying the minion that your opponent plays creates in an interesting twists in certain matchups. She can ruin the opponent’s tempo and prevent a turn eight Lich King or a minion that can be played cleanly on curve. Celesita is not so good in matchups against aggressive decks. The opponent can drop a small minion like Fire Fly and make the four mana you spent pretty irrelevant.

It’s hard to say what kind of deck Harbinger Celestia would fit into. It doesn’t really contribute towards a winning gameplan. Making the next couple turns for your opponent awkward can be nice, but having this be a dead card versus aggro can deter you from playing it.

For the complete list of The Boomsday Project cards, go here.  If you have ideas as to what decks you would play these cards in, let us know in the comments below!


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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