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Hearthstone: Hunters Hunt

Back in Year of the Raven, players saw a spike in Hunter gameplay. Be that Secret Hunter, Spell Hunter or Midrange Hunter. And now we see the return of Spell Hunter as well as new forms of hunter. Needless to say, Hunter is one of the most versatile classes in Hearthstone. But what makes this class so versatile and well-rounded, as well as almost always finding a way to the top of the tier lists?


Music soothes the beasts.

Hunter has a few options when it comes to draw, either to search for what they need or to draw some creatures. They currently have Tracking and Master’s Call, both cards being extremely powerful. Master’s Call being slightly conditional, due to it only drawing three beasts.

However, this really doesn’t matter since most of Hunter’s strongest cards are beasts. Comboing this with Dire Frenzy gives you three buffed beasts instantly. These cards allow Hunters to keep up on resources and make sure to keep pressure on their opponents. It rivals the draw mechanics of Rogue, as long as the conditions are met, that is.


Hunters have tons of ways to buff their beats, giving them extra damage, charge and so much more. This gives them an edge in minions vs minions combat. There is a reason why the Twitch emote Smorc is used so much when watching Hunters. They can have huge amounts of burst damage that can come out of nowhere. This damage can come from minions with charge like Huffer or King Krush. The damage could also come from spells like Kill Command. Having fifteen or less health is such a dangerous spot for anyone facing against a Hunter.

Options, Options

This seems pretty similar to a certain spider.

Hunters also get the privilege of having so many options through there various spells and minions. Some spells give more spells, like Marked Shot. Minions that give more spells are essentially two cards in one, minions like Shimmerfly.

Finally, there are spells that give you minions that are super beneficial to the player using them, like Animal Companion. With all these options, abilities, techniques and powers available to Hunter, it’s hard to imagine a world where they aren’t one of the top classes in the game.




Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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