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Hearthstone: Help These Legendary Cards

A good majority of cards in Hearthstone are either not bad or must-use cards – especially when it comes to legendary cards. However, there are a few that are absolutely terrible. Granted, they once served a purpose, but now they are complete trash. Perhaps Blizzard should remove them from the game entirely, give them buffs or create cards to work around their abilities.

Lorewalker Cho

Can we trade him for the Jade Serpent?

This card could be considered a combo disruptor, except that it doesn’t cancel out whatever your opponent is doing. Lorewalker Cho will give you that cards for the combo. However, you have to be able to match the combo as well and be able to get it off before your opponent. As of now, there is no benefit to putting cards in your opponents’ hand. Mecha’thun would be the only card to want to counter by putting cards in their hand, otherwise, it is just giving your opponent cards to work with and play.

There are two ways that could fix this card immensely. One way is to alter his text. Instead of putting cards in your opponents’ hand, Lorewalker Cho will only put cards into your hand. This way, Cho is only a benefit, especially when facing off against Spell Hunter or Secret Hunter. Another way to improve Cho would be to change his ability to re-cast spells randomly after a player casts said spell with a random target. This would keep Cho as a neutral character.

Millhouse Manastorm

“Mighty” might be pushing it, Millhouse.

The memeiest card in Hearthstone: Millhouse Manastorm. Perhaps one of the worst legendary cards in existence. A card so annoying that his wife even hated him and wanted him dead. That is a true sign that the card needs to be reworked. He is a low cost minion for decent stats, but he has a huge drawback that could end a game depending on what your opponent has in their hand.

In the Dalaran Heist, players were able to fight his wife, and if you were able to summon five of him in one turn, you would automatically win. So why not allow that to happen in normal games? Making copies of a legendary can be tricky and making five of one is even harder. Making this a win condition could be incredibly fun and change the way players go about building decks. Cards like Hecklebot would actually have a larger impact on games if he draws out the only Millhouse. Or Blizzard could even go down the path of improving his ability so that it benefits you as well as your opponent for free spells. Perhaps Blizzard can change it so that each players first spell is free like a mini Kalecgos.

Nat Pagle

Maybe take up hunting as a hobby?

There are cards that are far more reliable then him when it comes to card draw engines. For example, Gadgetzan Auctioneer, Cult Master and Loot Hoarder. All three of them will give you cards if you can work with it, as well as them having decent stats to balance out their card draw ability. Nat Pagle, however, doesn’t even have good stats. We also usually don’t get 50% abilities on human characters; they usually show up on Ettin cards, so having it on him is a bit odd.

Perhaps if he was given a few buffs here or there. Either making his ability better or giving him better stats. If Blizzard were to go the ability route, they should make it a 50% chance to draw two cards. They could also make the ability that you can look at the top three cards of your deck, draw one and put the others at the bottom of your deck, similar to a fishing idea of keeping what you want and throwing back what you don’t. Blizzard could also go with giving him some stats to give him some combat capabilities or more health to work with Combo Priest.

Improving Older Cards

Not all cards need to be grand slams. Some could be a little better, though. If all cards could be used in some way, shape or form, that would be the absolute dream. However, all the legendary cards should function in some significant way. Otherwise, what is the point of opening them up and keeping them, other than not getting them again while opening packs?


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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