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Hearthstone Global Games Week 8 Final Matches

Hearthstone Global Games Week 8

The Hearthstone Global Games Week 8 slowly but steadily continues deciding the teams who will be present at BlizzCon. Two teams have punched their ticket to BlizzCon already and six remaining teams will fill the top eight this week. There have already been some surprises, and due to the tournament format, we might be due for more.

Last Week’s Results

Bulgaria was able to complete two upsets and were the first team to reach BlizzCon. They beat Netherlands 3-1, where only Thijs “Thijs” Molendijk was able to pick up a win for the Netherlands. Then they went on to beat Great Britain after a very long 3-2 set. The match lasted two and a half hours, and ended in a very wild Odd Warrior victory over Even Warlock. James “Greensheep” Luo was unable to win in his two tries for Britain with his team mates supporting him in person.

Hearthstone Global Games Week 8
A celebratory post-game interview.

New Zealand was the second team to secure their spot at BlizzCon. They stomped Taiwan 3-0 who now has to win 2 games in very skilled group starting with the US. They beat Singapore handily 3-1 in the winners match. Only Samuel “Sequinox” Chan was able to find a win for Singapore which was not enough to build momentum.

The Netherlands are the first team to be eliminated from contention in the top 16. It was a very unfortunate go for them in their two sets versus Bulgaria and Hong Kong. Thijs was the only player on the team to win in either match, as they lost 3-1 to both teams. Unlike last year, they will not be going to BlizzCon.

Hearthstone Global Games Week 8
The tallies of the HGG Cheer project after last week.

This Week’s Matches

Ukraine will be taking on Switzerland in an elimination match. The winner of that match will have to win again against the loser of China and Norway winners match to advance from Group D. Switzerland will have to upset two of some of the best teams in Hearthstone to advance.

Portugal and Spain will play each other in a winners match to decide who will be the first to advance from Group A. Then the winner of Chile versus Brazil will face the loser to decide the second team to make top eight from Group A. Brazil went from undefeated in group stages to being on the brink of elimination.

Group B only has one match left to play and that is United Kingdom versus Hong Kong. Both teams have played some pretty intense battles and this match should not be an exception. Expect it to come to a final game five, as Greensheep hopes to get things back on track for Britain.

Hearthstone Global Games Week 8
Singapore after their first match.

The United States takes on Taiwan in Group C in what is sure to be another good battle. The United States has members that make the team as strong as could be from a pure statistical standpoint, and they hope to win out to make top eight  versus a tough Singapore lineup.

The action continues September 25 at 2:30 am PDT.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via the PlayHearthstone twitch channel.

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