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Hearthstone February Events Great for Player Engagement

Hearthstone February Events

The Hearthstone February events help keep the player base engaged during times leading up to a new set. Blizzard has given many players a reason to hop on and play a few games throughout the month of February. Players get a lot more variety in the games other details, more than just the recent card nerfs.

Whether you are a completionist, one for aesthetics, or a competitive player, you should log in this month.

Lunar New Year Quests

Hearthstone February Events

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, Blizzard is giving easy quests that reward dust as well as gold. It appears that the lowest reward quest is still 60 gold and dust, going all the way up to a 100 gold and dust reward. The dust value alone is fantastic, given that the lowest dust value of a single pack is 40 dust.

Players looking for dust will be excited as well. Just by logging in during the event, all players will receive a golden Fireworks Tech. That’s 100 dust right off the top.

For those looking to maximize their resources in Hearthstone, playing during this event is a must. Many players aren’t looking to pay any money to play Hearthstone, but still want to be able to make decent decks. A single 100 gold and dust quest is equal to completing at least four regular quests.

Blizzard has done many nice improvements for players in terms of quests over time. There was a time where there were as low as 40 gold quests, though now no quest is less than 50. They also made it so you could complete quests in almost any game mode, including against friends. Many players don’t want to have to waste time in casual to play a deck they don’t want to play on ladder.

New Card Backs

A couple new cards backs are also coming to the tavern. One of them is simply a fun design, while the other one has a cool method of obtaining it.

Hearthstone February Events

The February Ranked Play reward is the Pizzastone card back. There is an existing Lunar New Year card back from years ago in the game so the developer team decided to go with something that’s just fun. It is something that is very unique in the theme of Hearthstone, and calls back to card backs like the Cupcake one.

Hearthstone February Events

The real interesting card back is the Mark of Hakkar card back. Only a select few players were given the card back at the start of the event. The way players receive the card back is by playing against a player using the card back. This is a second homage to the Corrupted Blood incident that occurred in World of Warcraft alongside Hakkar the Soulflayer himself being a minion.

Beyond this being a really cool and unique way of earning the card back, it gives insight into the way people play the game. Blizzard can study how quickly it spreads to what percentage of the player base. They could also see how often players log in based on who still doesn’t have the card back after the event runs its course. Normally, the players don’t get to see statistics from Blizzard’s end, but it would be cool if they released the stats around this card back.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website. 

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