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Hearthstone: Every Deck is N’Zoth

With Doom in the Tomb, several powerful cards were released that made decks around them. But the one that fit in all of them was N’Zoth. The reason for this was simple, some of the strongest deathrattle minions were neutral, so the strategy worked with almost any class, but each one had different versions of it. But, here is a look at the three most powerful ones currently in use.

N’Zoth Rogue

This deck utilizes Togwaggle’s Scheme to act as the resurrection mechanic. Simply use your cards and buy time. Playing normally will throw them off on what deck you are using but they will most likely figure it out. Utilizing backstab on your own minion to make sure their deathrattle goes off.

After you use N’Zoth to bring back your minions and build a hefty wall to defend yourself, you can use Togwaggle’s Scheme to fill your deck with him so you can repeat the process. The ideal cards for the deathrattles would be Sylvanas Windrunner, Rotten Applebaum and Khartut Defender. To cheat these minions out, use Anka, the Buried.

N’Zoth Priest

The most annoying of the Priest Decks, this deck will cause frustration on how hard it is to get past as well as having to worry about the deadly combo that Priest is known for. This deck is a mixture of several archtypes that priest is known for all mixed together into one neat deck. N’Zoth and Sylvanas Windrunner are added to make it deadlier.

This deck uses large taunt minions with powerful deathrattles as well as using Archmage Vargoth for a later spell. Using Vargoth on curve is perfect because the opponent will want to destroy it as fast as possible or risk allowing you to get way more value than normal. After Vargoth and two other minions die, players can use Mass Resurrection to bring them back, and Vargoth will recast the spell giving you nice, wide board. After that N’Zoth will bring back another wall of taunt minions. Finishing out the game can either be out valuing your opponent or simply finishing them off with the Divine Spirit and Inner Fire combo.

N’Zoth Warlock

Just like every other N’Zoth Deck, this one relies heavily on the neutral taunt deathrattle minions. However, this one has the unique power of getting multiple N’Zoths. Thanks to Expired Merchant, this deck is possible to use N’Zoth multiple times, unlike the restriction of other classes.

Using Expired Merchant, you discard N’Zoth and then gain two of her when she dies. Granted it is weak to silence effects, however, just using Grim Rally will easily fix that problem. Using her multiple times can bring the total number of N’Zoths to three. Granted not nearly as many as Rogue can generate, it is still a good number.


While these decks are powerful, there are several ways to counter them. Using direct damage with Kobold Lackey or Weaponized Wasp to not trigger deathrattles. As well as Hex and Polymorph to remove the minion from the resurrection pool. Aggressive decks can also close out the games if they play aggressively enough to finish out the game before N’Zoth is slammed down.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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