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Hearthstone Events at BlizzCon

Hearthstone Events at BlizzCon

BlizzCon is this weekend and that means announcements plus events for all Blizzard games. The Hearthstone events at BlizzCon include a lot of inside looks at the game. However, the two big things to watch for this weekend are the announcement of the next Expansion and the Hearthstone Global Games.

New Expansion Leaks

We are likely to see Blizzard announce the name and theme of the next set to be in Hearthstone. This is going to be the last set in the Year of the Raven. The official Korean Blizzard YouTube might have already accidentally leaked some information on the upcoming set. They posted an unfinished video titled “Hearthstone: Brawl of Rastakhan”.

Hearthstone Events at BlizzCon
The card back ticket holders will receive.

Rastakhan is closely tied with the current WoW expansion, Battle for Azeroth, as the leader of the Zandalari Trolls. This leak would lead us to believe the new set will be oriented around trolls. The tiny tidbit of information the Hearthstone developer team gave to us at the start of the year of the Raven does match some of the features that Trolls have, with the tusks on their lower jaw.

On November 2 2:30 PM PDT, the What’s Next panel for Hearthstone will be happening. We expect the set to be announced there. We also hope to hear news for Hearthstone like their In The Works blogs. New happenings like planned card changes and other mechanics changes to the game would be nice.

Fun at BlizzCon

Of course, Blizzard plans to give fans an opportunity to have a lot of fun with the developers. They are going to have a streamer drawing contest, and an artist panel featuring the process behind the art for The Boomsday Project. They will also be discussing past and future solo adventures, hopefully teasing more information about the upcoming set.

Hearthstone Events at BlizzCon
Not a meta card but 400 dust is a lot.

Plenty of streamers will be live from the event, including a handful of pro circuit players. Those attending in person will also have the opportunity to play against a Hearthstone developer, and see if those who make the game are as good as their player base.

Logging into Hearthstone on Day One of the event will net players a golden copy of Star Aligner and Secret Plan. That’s a nice bit of dust, and likely to be a lot more than the dust you’ll get from the one Boomsday card pack players will receive for logging in on Day Two.

Those who purchase a BlizzCon virtual ticket will get a special card back. They will also get 10 packs of Hearthstone Cards, two of each of the current purchasable sets.

Hearthstone Global Games

Hearthstone Events at BlizzCon

The competitive Hearthstone spectators will get to watch the grand finale of the Hearthstone Global Games. The top eight teams have battled their way down from 48 teams to determine the title of best country in the world for Hearthstone.

The final eight teams are Bulgaira, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Norway, Spain and Singapore. Watch out for Brazil and Norway as the likely candidates to battle for the title. No matter who wins, we are guaranteed a new champion for 2018.

Don’t forget to catch the Hearthstone action at the PlayHearthstone twitch channel.¬†


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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