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Hearthstone: Disappointing Cards and How to Improve Them

With the release of Rise of Shadows, players saw a few interesting legendary cards that had some potential. Unfortunately, a lot of these cards fell short and aren’t exactly what a lot of people are looking for when crafting a deck. Perhaps in the next set, these legendaries will see more play.

Jepetto Joybuzz

Love the hair, hate the battlecry.

Jepetto Joybuzz was a card that got players really excited. Before the release of Rise of Shadows, players were given a very unique tavern brawl. In this tavern brawl, players built decks with each minion costing one mana as well as having one health and one attack. It just so happens that this is what Jepetto Joybuzz does as well with two of your minions. When players experimented with this card, they realized that this card did not have the same effect as the tavern brawl. This card had no reliability with it being a random two cards. It also comes with the drawback of drawing those creatures instead of copying them.

The problem with this card is that without a way to make this consistent, this left players with the only option which was to put minimum minions in this deck. To improve this card, several new cards could come out that would change how this card functions. One option would be to add a minion that has an ability that if you were to draw a minion from your deck, you instead draw a copy of it. Another option would be to somehow get a way to choose what two minions you are getting, allowing a little more consistency with the cards effect.

Fel Lord Betrug

How would you improve this guy?

This card was one that many players expected to be good when combed with Plot Twist. Fel Lord Betrug has a very similar ability to Dollmaster Dorian, except with a lot more benefits in immediate effect on the board. The main issue with this card is that it gives away a lot of information on what is in your hand and is reliant on your opponent having minions on the field to attack. Additionally, Fel Lord Betrug does not have a lot of health and has very little survivability, so he dies very easily to just about anything.

To improve Fel Lord Betrug, the best options would to have a very powerful deathrattle minion. A minion that had a deathrattle that could change the game. Perhaps one that kills all enemy minions, deals massive direct damage to opponent’s health or even remove all armor your opponent has. Any of these would be incredibly powerful when combined with hi. Another way to improve him would be to give him more health or a spell that could give him some form of survivability.

The Boom Reaver

The worst Mech? The worst Mech.

This card was a disappointment when many people saw its preview. With a high mana cost, disappointing stats and an underwhelming ability, this card was one that no one was jumping to get at. This card had only one true use, when you pull it with Dr. Boom, Mad Genius or with Omega Assembly. But even then, it could have a drawback by bringing out a valuable battlecry minion. Otherwise, this Mech is too rough to put into any deck.

There aren’t many ways to improve this card. The most obvious way would to have a minion with an extremely high mana cost that would almost require this minion to summon it. Another way to make this card better would be to make a card that either reduces its mana cost by a significant amount or to even make the next make you play cost zero mana. Otherwise, this minion might never see play except through Dr. Boom, Mad Genius and the Omega Assembly

What the Future Holds

In the past, “bad” cards have become incredible and good cards have become bad. What the next few sets will bring, only Blizzard knows. Who knows if cards that were once considered garbage become must haves and if the best legendaries that are out now might be useless?


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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