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Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons Predictions

The reveal season for Descent of Dragons is almost upon us. One of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind is “what are the other two Galakronds going to look like?” and “Will Alexstrasza be the Hunter’s dragon. If not, then who? And if so, what will she do?” Let’s explore some possibilities.

Shaman Galakrond

Since turning into Galakrond comes with a Battlecry. This means that this Battlecry could be triggered again with Shudderwok. This makes this set incredibly powerful as long as this Galakrond is powerful enough to put into the deck. As well as Galakrond only costing seven mana, this means that if thrown into a Quest Shaman deck, his upgraded Battlecry could be trigged again. As well as invoking Galakrond triggering twice since all minions Invoke through Battlecries.

Now, for Galakrond’s actual ability. What we’ve seen from the Priest version and the Rogue version, it will have a similar ability to an already existing card. Perhaps it will be an AOE like Hagatha the Witch, or an evolve like effect, or even a callback to devolve. The Hero Power will most likely have something to do with elementals or even Battlecry minions or perhaps even spell generation.

Warrior Galakrond

This one is going to be the trickiest to balance. With all the power Warrior has gotten over the Year of the Dragon and the Year of the Raven, Blizzard has to make sure this card doesn’t become the new Dr. Boom. His power might be simply a boost in armor. Or maybe it could be summoning Mechs, since he is being brought back by Dr. Boom, it’s not completely out of the question to have to do with Mechs.

One this is for sure; Blizzard needs to lay off Mechs in this set. Control Warrior has way too many as is, giving them anymore will only increase it’s power. Especially if Galakrond has something to do with Mechs. This would be the perfect time for War master Voone to make a grand entrance. Now that Deathwing doesn’t destroy your hand, this makes an excellent combo as long as more dragons appear. Dragon warrior used to be powerful, until the loads of Mechs showed up. Maybe this will be the return of Dragon Warrior.


As of now, Alexstrasza has not even been announced, but it’s hard to imagine a set of dragons without her. The only class to not claim their powerful dragons are Hunter and Shaman. Although it is hard to imagine Alexstrasza joining the villains and helping destroy her friends, as well as revive the monster that tried to consume her. So, most likely, she is heading to the hunter side while Shaman will be getting a new dragon similar to Rogue did.

But what is Alexstrasza’s ability? Perhaps she will swap the players health. Or maybe it will convert both players health to armor. She is the bringer of life, so her ability will most likely have something to do with health of one player or both. Looking at the other aspects, they properly represent what they do in World of Warcraft, so players should look for her to mess with health in some way or another.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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