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Hearthstone: Decks to Look Out for Post-Rogue Nerfs

Decks to Look Out for Post-Rogue Nerfs

With the harsh nerf to Rogue incoming, the meta is due to shift away from the class. Especially since only Rogue is getting nerfed, Warrior looks to fill in the spot as top dog. Most of the decks to look out for post-Rogue nerfs are going to be decks that perform well against Warriors. The decks good against Warrior are often beaten by Rogue, but Rogue poses a threat no longer.

Midrange and Deathrattle Hunter

Decks to Look Out for Post-Rogue Nerfs

Hunter is the class best situated to take advantage of a meta where Warrior is the most played class. Two of its current archetypes, Midrange and Deathrattle Hunter, struggle against Rogue but perform great against Warrior.

Midrange Hunter really struggles against Rogue since it cannot run weapon removal. It’s best chances of winning games is landing Dire Frenzy on Vicious Scalehide. It will likely still have to run Scalehide for the Bomb Warrior matchup, but might be able to include cards like Savannah Highmane.

Deathrattle Hunter eats Warriors up in value. It would likely be able to cut Ooze to play cards that provide the deck with even more value than it has. Those slots can also be reserved for techs against other aggressive archetypes.

Dragon Mage and Mech Paladin

Decks to Look Out for Post-Rogue Nerfs

Both Dragon Mage and Mech Paladin are both decks that play for value with large minions. They equally struggle with aggression and have to play sub-optimal cards toward their win condition to deal with them.

Both decks can cut oozes after Rogue’s nerf but it might still be worthwhile to play cards like Harrison against Warriors that will likely run Supercollider.

Dragon Mage is going to be a deck that sees a huge uptick in play. Turn three Mountain Giants are just very difficult to deal with and the followup with Conjurer’s Calling is often insurmountable.

Mech Paladin plays for extreme late game value. With Kangor’s Endless Army it can create board states that cannot be dealt with for two or even more turns. Warrior cannot deal very well with Deathrattle minions.


Decks to Look Out for Post-Rogue Nerfs

There are a lot of aggressive decks that still lose to the early game swings of Tempo Rogue. Decks like Murloc Shaman aren’t great against Rogue or Warrior, but are great against Dragon Mage. Token Druid will definitely retain its popularity just because it has potential to win pretty much any matchup.

Secret Hunter will definitely be a good deck in the new meta. It is very good against Mage especially with Rat Trap. The only worry for Secret Hunter is if Token Druid becomes popular, but it should be kept in check by Warrior and Spell Mage.

Another interesting new aspect to consider is the incoming buffs. We haven’t seen a huge buff patch like this really ever in Hearthstone, and it’s going to introduce more archetypes in the middle of an expansion. It will introduce more class diversity with Priest, Warlock, Paladin and Shaman.

Either way everyone will have to adapt to these changes and there are still a lot of question marks to be filled in over the next couple of weeks to replace all of the Rogue tech.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via the PlayHearthstone Twitch channel.

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