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Hearthstone: Deck Building

In all forms of esports, there is always a tier system on what is the most inefficient and reliable way to win games, and Hearthstone is no exception. However, the way that this tier system works can be a little stifling when it comes to new and innovative ideas. The competitive ladder is filled with tier one decks or tier two decks to counter the tier ones. That is until players hit legend, then it can be basically any well-established deck that the player is comfortable with.

The Good

Why does no one use this anymore? Oh wait… Demonic Pact.

When it comes to deck building, it can be incredibly difficult for some new players. And that’s understandable to say the least. Coming into a new card game and trying to memorize all the cards, trying to come with a strategy that considers all possibilities and making it consistently executing those strategies can be incredibly difficult. With the new deck builder and autocomplete, these problems are minimized. And in all honestly, it works pretty well.

The autocomplete system works by looking through the cards in your collection and building the best deck possible. With this method, you are guaranteed the best deck with the cards you own. This allows players, both new and old, to no longer have to worry about building the best decks. This take out a lot of guess work and goes with pure numbers, although it will only build the best deck for the class you choose from.

The Bad

This used to be one of the strongest cards in standard, now look at it.

Nothing in life is perfect and this is no exception. This form of deck creation does stifle creativity. This method is great for new players, but the average player also uses this feature more often than not, or just taking decks that they find on websites and copy them. This stifles and even halts creativity when it comes to deck building. Yes, there are statistically better decks, but this does not consider playstyle.

When it comes to playstyle, not all players have the same kinds of approaches. For example, one player could be really good with aggro decks, while another player is a pro at playing control decks. Have them play the opposite of their norm and you’ll watch them struggle.

Now, granted, most players try to be as well rounded as possible. However, there is no denying that everyone has a specialty. Going with copy and paste decks causes people to use the same decks over and over again, even if it’s not the best fit for them. It also allows people to accurately predict what is in your opponent’s deck.

Ways to Improve

The queen of Warriors and Shamans in tournament play.

There is no sure fire way to fix this problem in deck building. No matter what, some players will always go back to copying other decks, and in all honesty, there is nothing wrong with it. Some players need this to play the game. But there are several ways to improve the overall way to play the game. If the autocomplete method would suggest cards to craft to improve the deck, it would make a world of differences.

Additionally, if the game allowed for replays, players would be able to watch the game and see their opponents’ hands, allowing them to learn from their mistakes. Having a way to learn easily will make the games very different, but for the better. Deck building will always be in a rough spot. Once players find what’s good, they will stick with it until they hit a wall. If players find what they are good at and can roll with it. Perhaps they will become more comfortable in crafting their own unique deck.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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