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Hearthstone Card Reveals: Swampqueen Hagatha, Oblivitron and Lazul’s Scheme

Swampqueen Hagatha, Oblivitron, and Lazul's Scheme

As we get closer to the Rise of Shadows, we see new cards being revealed nearly every day. The newest cards revealed are a couple of class Legendary minions and a spell. We will take a look at how Swampqueen Hagatha, Oblivitron, and Lazul’s Scheme could impact the meta.

Swampqueen Hagatha

A new Shaman Legendary minion has been revealed in the form of Swampqueen Hagatha. She is reminiscent of Kazakus with her Battlecry effect, but doesn’t have any special requirement.Swampqueen Hagatha, Oblivitron, and Lazul's Scheme

As a seven mana 5/5, she is nothing significant in terms of tempo. However, she gives the player a five mana 5/5 with a Battlecry that will cast two Shaman spells. The spells are selected in a discover two way much like Deathstalker Rexxar’s Build-a-Beast. The first spell will always be a targeted spell, and the second will always be a non-targeted spell.

The potential swing or game winning effect this provides is great. A five mana 5/5 provides nice tempo, and when combined with casting two spells of any cost, can be 15 mana worth of card packed into that 5 mana. You can create combinations like Hex and The Storm Bringer. This would remove an opposing large minion and then turn all of your minions into random Legenadaries.

With a lot of the insanely powerful cards being rotated when the new set comes, this card should be strong. It sacrifices a lot of tempo to discover a card that has to wait a turn to be played. However, there should be enough times where you are not losing the game or at least even on board so that you can make use of Swampqueen Hagatha.


Hunter is getting a Mech Legendary with Deathrattle called Oblivitron. This is a six mana 3/4 that reads, “Deathrattle: Summon a mech from your hand and trigger its Deathrattle.”

Swampqueen Hagatha, Oblivitron, and Lazul's SchemeIn terms of tempo this card is really poor. As of now the only card that this really synergizes with is Mechanical Whelp. The two together aren’t really strong enough to warrant legitimate play. Though maybe some powerful Deathrattle mechs are coming in the Rise of Shadows or other sets this year.

The effect of Oblivitron can swing games. Triggering Deathrattles upon entering the battlefield has always been quite a powerful play as we have seen with Spiritsinger Umbra in Cube Warlock. There just needs to be a minion good enough for the effect so that it can be played.

Hunter saw a lot of mechs and mech synergy cards added to the class in The Boomsday Project set. The Hearthstone team have definitely wanted to reinforce the idea of running mechs in Hunter with this legendary. It will also be much more difficult to proc this card as Play Dead and Terrorscale Stalker will both rotate out.

Lazul’s Scheme

The last card teased was the Priest spell Lazul’s Scheme. It’s the third Scheme to be revealed and is a zero mana card.

Swampqueen Hagatha, Oblivitron, and Lazul's Scheme

In terms of a card, it’s not fantastic, reducing the attack of a single minion for a single turn. However, as Twilight Acolyte rotates out with the new set, this could see some play. Cabal Shadow Priest will have a difficult time finding a target, but Lazul’s Scheme could keep Cabal Shadow Priest in the meta.

As is the issue with all Schemes, is the fact that you have to wait to get decent value out of the card. Sometimes using a zero mana card for minus two attack can be worth it,. However, needing the card in hand to get further reductions can be costly when it comes off the top of the deck.

Beyond being used with Cabal Shadow Priest, it can also be used to simply deny the opponent damage for a turn. Turning a large minion into one with zero attack, or even flipping the attack of a minion with a card like Topsy Turvy can remove it from the board entirely.

Check out all of the Rise of Shadows cards as they get revealed here.



Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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