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Hearthstone: Buffs all Around

For the first time ever, Blizzard is actually buffing a lot of cards. These are pure buffs with no downsides. Since the removal of odd and even decks from standard, Blizzard can be a little more giving when it comes to the mana costs of cards. Additionally, a new legendary mech, SN1P-SN4P, will be arriving. All the cards are from the Boomsday Project expansion, including the new legendary. The buffs come out June 3. Logging in between June 3 and July 1 grants players a golden SN1P-SN4P.

The Impactful

Magnetic and Echo?! Slap a couple of these on a Zilliax and you’re in business .

Some of these buffs are incredibly powerful and will definitely give a boost to the class they belong to. Some of these cards will even see more play if the right deck is built with them now being more impactful. These cards are also super useful if you can pull them from other cards. These cards include Security Rover, Beryllium Nullifier, Unexpected Results and Thunderhead.

A very annoying Mech if you can’t take it out in one shot.

Using Dr. Boom, Mad Genius and/or Omega Assembly to pull either Security Rover or Beryllium Nullifier has always felt good. Now it feels even better with the buffs. These powerful mechs were provided value in most scenarios. The Security Rover would create other mechs with taunt and the Beryllium Nullifier would provide survivability from targeted spells and hero powers to whatever mech you slapped it on.

When it came to Unexpected Results, it was always considered bad. Using four mana to get two random two mana minions seemed like a bad idea. Now, costing only three mana, it is a bargain. With the ability to upgrade it with spell damage makes it even better. Giving the players the option to summon two random four mana minions for the price of three mana. Granted, that is only if the player can build spell damage on curve as well.

With Thunderhead, it was already powerful in Control Shaman. Now with even more health, she’ll be extremely hard to kill after she hits the board. Her high health and ability to generate two Sparks with rush is amazing and can be powerful if used correctly for board clears. She was already a target for removal spells and abilities, and now with this buff she’s an even bigger one.

The Non-consequential

Some of these cards didn’t make a big splash with the buffs but were pleasant to see. These cards are useful when others generate them but are never purposely put into decks. These cards include Gloop Sprayer, Extra Arms and Cloning Device.

A Knife Juggler’s best friend.

Gloop Sprayer is a very interesting card, having the ability to double any minion you have on the field. Now with its reduced cost, going from eight mana to seven, it will be a better grab from Crystalsong Portal. Very few cards in the Druid class are complete duds so, getting extra cards for the price of one is a great deal.

Extra Arms and Cloning Device are great when a Rogue can pull them. Their reduced costs allow for the use of combos more efficiently. Otherwise, these cards don’t have much of a place in decks. Perhaps with the nerfs to Tempo Rogue and the buffs to older cards, Combo Priest might make a return.

The Duds

As great as these buffs are, there are still a few cards that are still not viable in the current or future meta. Cards like Flark’s Boom-Zooka and Dr. Morrigan. Even with the buffs, they are either completely worthless, unreliable or just have no synergy with the cards available.

Here comes the boom?

Flark’s Boom-Zooka has never been good and still isn’t even with the buff. Bringing out three random minions from your deck, having them attack randomly, then dying can be terrible. It would be far better if you could control who they attack or could at the very least choose which minions came out of the deck. This would allow for better synergies with Nine Lives and Revenge of the Wild. This randomness on top of randomness provides no reliability.

Dr. Morrigan had some promise but fell short when it came to synergies. In the Warlock class, there are so many minions that have beneficial battlecries. So, missing out on these can be problematic, especially when you can’t choose what minion comes out. If she triggered their battlecry, it possibly would be worth it.

The Future

With the buffing of these cards and a new legendary, perhaps this is a sign that more buffs and more legendary minions are coming. The next one could come from the Witchwood expansion, giving cards from classes buffs. As well as supplying players with a new abomination that Hagatha has created that will trump all other creations she has made. But only time will tell.

Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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