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Hearthstone: More Boomsday Cards, Mechs Galore

Boomsday Cards, Mechs

As the new expansion draws nearer, we start to get more excited to play with the new cards. The Hearthstone team have revealed more Project Boomsday Cards, mechs being the the most represented tribal tag among them.

Mechanical Overload

Boomsday Cards, Mechs
Rogue and removal are a good pair.

Let us begin with the new mech Blightnozzle Crawler. The base 2/4 stat line is nothing impressive for a four mana minion, but its Deathrattle is what makes the card valuable. Upon death, it summons a 1/1 with Rush and Poisonous, allowing you to put two damage into one minion and kill off another. It’s not instantly rewarding like Vilespine Slayer, but it is a nuisance on the board for your opponent.

Moving on to another Rogue mech, there is Pogo-Hopper. Gaining +2/+2 each time one of these is played, the card synergizes well with the other new card Lab Recruiter. Maybe there could be a Pogo Mech Rogue in which big robot bunnies kill the opponent.

Then there is the card who brings with her some nightmares. Giggling Inventor will basically summon two Annoy-o-Trons, creating a lot of frustration for opponents. Having to hit two times into each taunt will take a lot of minions, or waste an AOE spell.

Three minions with Rush when the Dr. Boom hero card is in play.

Then we have a couple mech spells. The first is Cybertech Chip for Hunter. This card is very reminiscent of the card Infest, which gave minions the Deathrattle of adding beasts to your hand for three mana. Being one mana cheaper gives this card a good chance of seeing play.

Warrior gets the card Omega Assembly. This card goes perfectly together with the Dr. Boom, Mad Genius hero card. The ability to add three mechs to your hand for one mana is just great value. This is an auto-include card in the soon to come Mech Warrior deck.

Non-Mech Cards

Of course not every card can be a mech or create mechs, but these next few cards can be very powerful.

Druid is getting the Gloop Sprayer, a 4/4 body that provides two copies of minions on board. In a class that runs minions like Malygos, Hadronox, and Lich King, this card is very scary. If you can’t immediately eliminate the large threats that Druid outputs, this guy will ensure your defeat.

Spell Damage +2 is rare, and doesn’t come this cheap.

Mage will have the minion Astromancer. Summoning a minion equal to hand size encourages decks that keep your hand full. Elemental Mage has a lot of cards that add cards to your hand so this could fit into an archetype like that. Add that to the fact that you aren’t limited in spell selection, like with the card Spiteful Summoner, and you have a very solid seven mana play.

Mage will be getting a very powerful elemental to add to any deck. Celestial Emissary gives the next spell played in the same turn an extra two spell damage. This card works so well with any card that does damage, especially when it only costs two mana. Whether it be extra damage for lethal, or allowing an AOE to clear almost any board, this card is definitely going to see play.


For a complete list of the currently revealed Boomsday Project cards, go here. If you have ideas as to what decks you would play these cards in, let us know in the comments below!


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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