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Hearthstone: Beat Blackrock Mountain

The Fire Fest-E.V.I.L. is under way and players are scrambling to beat the Tavern Brawl Dungeon Crawl to get all the packs and the golden cards by beating the game in a certain time. Racing against the clock and winning can be incredibly challenging. So what are the best strategies for winning against this Dungeon?


This class will require a bit of luck and planning. Like all Rogue decks, timing is everything. It is even more so because of the ability to build your deck through the entire Dungeon Crawl. This deck can be incredibly rewarding, especially with some treasures you can get. Getting past the first couple of bosses is easy enough, but the bosses after Garr will become more and more difficult if you don’t have a way to put your enemy down.

The luck factor comes in if players choose to go the Thief route when building the deck. Simply because getting random cards can be very unreliable. If possible, get cards to enable combos, giving yourself options can keep you alive for so long if you play things right. In some cases, you could get to Ragnaros and beat him in about three or four turns.

The Rogue deck comes with several treasures off the bat. Some of these cards are Greedy Pickax, Bag of Coin and THE CANDLE. These cards help put the Rogue at a great advantage. All of them help work with combos and are simply good early game cards.


Perhaps one of the decks that can provide the most fun. Hagatha starts the Dungeon with several passive Treasures making her Hero Power the star of her deck. At least at the beginning of the Dungeon. The randomness of the evolving minions makes this deck a little less reliable than the others.

With this deck, since your Hero Power is already based around the Evolve mechanic, it would be wise to continue this trend. Continuously evolving the same minion can get you a five mana minion by turn four or five depending on how well you draw. Additionally, you’ll always be able to evolve the minion twice with your hero power for only one mana each time. So, by turn three, you’d have a four mana minion at minimum. The deck is completely value and luck driven. Trading then evolving is the key to victory here.


By far the worst of all the decks. Using this deck is an uphill battle and it is not worth the effort. The Priest starts with the Silence Priest deck, and unfortunately, the first boss can run circles around that strategy. This decks treasures are nothing of note either. If players are able to get through the first few bosses with it, they might be able to change the style of the deck to be something more useful.


The big boom

This deck is the easiest to win, especially in the early bosses. The hero power puts two bombs that each deal five damage when drawn. This deck will dominate the early bosses very easily thanks to their low health and their low deck count.

When playing this deck, players will have tons of options to choose from when picking cards and treasure. Because of how solid this deck is, picking cards with future plans actually works here. Players can choose to go crazy with the armor options or go deep into the bombs, making your opponents blow up. There are tons of combos that can be pulled off with this deck.

In General

This Dungeon is amazing and can be very challenging if that’s what you want. Each class can be considered a difficulty level, Warrior being the easiest, next being Rogue, then Shaman and finally Priest with it being the hardest. Players can try to try out the different classes and try to beat their own speed times. And if you want to really get into the speed runners would be the Hand of Rafaam, especially if you can get multiple of them. This hurts the enemy rapidly and forces them to spend turns and mana casting them to get rid of them.


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