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5 Day 1 Saviors of Uldum Decks to Try

Day One Saviors of Uldum Decks

Saviors of Uldum has just dropped and the active player count for Hearthstone has of course spiked really high. If you are having a hard time deciding what to play, let us recommend five Day 1 Saviors of Uldum decks that use the new cards and look pretty strong.

Secret Mage

Secret Mage is the archetype of metas past that is making a return in Saviors of Uldum. The deck isDay One Saviors of Uldum Decks receiving quite a few support cards in the new set. It plays very aggressively and can dish out quite a bit of damage.

The new Secret cards are Ancient Mysteries, Flame Ward and Cloud Prince. Mysteries gives you a free Secret from your deck, Flame Ward deals three too all enemy minions after your hero is attacked and Cloud Prince does six damage for four mana while being a 4/4.

All of these together encourages a very aggressive play style where you ignore the enemy board to deal damage to the opponent’s face. Combine this with the support of Secretkeeper, Kirin Tor Mage and burn spells, then you will be killing your opponent very quickly. Cloud Prince is the end of the curve where you hope to finish them off.

Quest Rogue

Day One Saviors of Uldum Decks

Quest Rogue plays off of the Tempo Thief Rogue archetype. The Quest gives a really strong hero power that omits worrying about life total, where Rogues usually struggle. The additional two damage is also very good for hitting the opponent in the face.

The new support cards for the deck are Clever Disguise, Questing Explorer and Bazaar Mugger. Clever Disguise gives two spells from another class for only two mana, which is pretty efficient. Bazaar Mugger gives you minion from another class while providing three damage of removal with enough health to likely stay on board after trading. Then, of course, Questing Explorer is a card that should just be ran in pretty much every Quest deck for card draw.

Overall, this deck is a simple improvement on Tempo Thief Rogue and should see at least a slight uptick in win rate from previous versions of the deck.

Secret Hunter

Secret Hunter was a pretty popular deck in Rise of Shadows and got a couple of nice additions in Saviors of Uldum. The deck received a new Secret in the form of Pressure Plate which helps keep the opponent off board, and actually has some minion support with Hyena Alpha.

Hyena Alpha is a four mana 3/3 that summons two 2/2s while you control a Secret. This is a much healthier and balanced form of the old Hunter Spellstone. Also with the addition of Pressure Plate, this actually improves the value of Subject 9, with another unique Secret to be drawn.

The only downside is that your Secret total exceeds the amount of Secrets that can be replayed by Zul’Jin, somewhat randomizing what you will have up when that time comes. Though the board spreading capability of Hyena Alpha should be able to push the win rate of Secret Hunter up a few points.

Zoo Warlock

Day One Saviors of Uldum Decks

Zoo Warlock looks very scary in Saviors of Uldum. They’ve gotten a slew of support cards in the new set with EVIL Recruiter, Neferset Thrasher and Diseased Vulture to name a few.

EVIL Recruiter puts a Giant’s worth of stats on the board, while Neferset Thrasher is a three mana 4/5. The downside of the card doesn’t really even matter because you’ll be dishing out more damage than you are taking. On top of that, the damage taken synergizes with Diseased Vulture, which will summon an additional three drop every time you take damage on your turn.

Overall, Zoolock shapes up to be a major threat to all of the decks trying to compete for board in the Saviors of Uldum meta. It might even be able to better stand up to Control Warriors.

Taunt Warrior

Our final recommendation for now is Taunt Warrior. Most of us enjoy playing big Taunt minions and watching those aggro decks suffer. This deck adds the taunts Frightened Flunky, Armagedillo and Tomb Warden.

It is still somewhat in question whether you should focus on the control element of Warrior or add more Taunts to play the card Into the Fray. Either way, Armagedillo is a good card. If Tomb Warden gets hit by even just one of those buffs, that is two 5/8 Taunts coming down on board for just eight mana. Not only that, but Tomb Warden is a Mech that can allow for the magnetization of Zilliax and SN1P-SN4P.

All-in-all, playing Taunts is going to be good against those decks that want to play minions like Token Druid, Zoolock, any Secret deck, Tempo Rogue, and Murloc Shaman. If Cyclone Mage, OTK Paladin and other decks that don’t play early on board become more popular, we will likely see Taunts get cut from Warrior.

Hopefully we helped inspire some deck building ideas for Saviors of Uldum and that everyone gets the most out of the new expansion. Have fun and good luck climbing the ladder!


Images courtesy Blizzard Entertainment via their official website. 

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