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DreamHack HCT Summer Grand Prix 2018: Furyhunter’s Strong Victory

Dreamhack HCT Summer

Congratulations Furyhunter

DreamHack HCT Summer
Furyhunter hoisting his trophy high above his head with excitement.

The victor of the DreamHack HCT Summer Grand Prix 2018 is Frederik “Furyhunter” Møller, prevailing over Dániel “PenhaDani” Felizardo three games to one in the final set. Quite an interesting final, as both players brought the same three deck archetypes to the tournament. Though, not once did a mirror match come into play.

Furyhunter took the first game with his Odd Rogue over Penhadani’s Even Warlock. Penhadani came back in the second game with his Token Druid, outlasting the aggression of Odd Rogue. Then, the final two games saw Furyhunter’s Even Warlock take down the Token Druid and Odd Rogue of Penhadani.

Furyhunter immediately gave a powerful fist pump when he realized he had won it all. On top of the being able to add a DreamHack HCT Summer victory to his resume, he also earned $5,000 in prize money. Penhadani won’t walk away empty handed either as he received $3,000 for placing second.

The Top 16

DreamHack HCT Summer
Insane 384-Attack Pyromancer created by Shudderwock Shaman in the match between Faeli and Twink

Wild and wacky play was seen throughout this top 16. Multiple players slipped up and made errors in their matches. The nerves of playing on the big stage was undoubtedly a factor, as some of these players have not seen a finish this high before.

Furyhunter made quick work of Jeffrey “sjow” Brust in the round of 16, then had two really close sets against Helge “Albrigtsen” Albrigtsen and Oldrich “Faeli” Mahdal. Penhadani did not have an easy path to the final either as he had to upset one of the fans most loved players in Esteban “AKAWonder” Bozada.

An Unfortunate End

Many veterans failed to reach the top 16 this time around, and they are no strangers to events like DreamHack HCT Summer: David “Justsaiyan” Shan, Frederik “Hoej” Nielsen, Sebastian “Xixo” Bentert, Simon “Crane333” Raunholst, Stanislav “stancifka” Cifka, Jon “Orange” Westberg, Radu “rdu” Dima and Torben “viper” Wahl.

The first three come as a shock as Orange, stancifka and rdu lost three sets on the first day, opting not to play the rest of the swiss rounds, as a 7-2 record or better was required to advance. Justsaiyan and Viper missed the cut by just one win, both finishing 6-3. Hoej, Xixo, and Crane finished 5-4, 3-4, and 1-5, respectively.

The players took to Twitter to voice their disappointment:

Things hit especially hard for rdu:

Moving Forward

The tournament was full of excitement and crazy RNG as always. The next tournament comes up quickly, The 2018 HCT Summer Championship. Players in this tournament will compete for four seats at the HCT World Championship.

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Images courtesy of DreamHackHS twitter and twitch accounts.

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