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Descent of Dragons

Blizzcon has finally come and we get our first look at the final set for the Year of the Dragon. It finally gets its name by having an entire set of dragons. Descent of Dragons comes in with a ton of power, new mechanics, and a new Hero Card with a very unique style. But will these Hero Cards be as destructive the Death Knights were in The Frozen Throne?


The newest Keyword, Invoke. Invoke allows player to charge their Galakrond as well as active Galakrond’s Hero Power. Depending on which class you are playing will depend on his Hero Power. If there is no Galakrond in your deck, then nothing will trigger.

This is an incredibly interesting Keyword because it only works for certain classes. There are never been a Keyword that wasn’t useful for every class. Inspire, Adapt, Magnetize and every single other Keyword has been in every class and worked with them in one way or another. Granted it didn’t always work out or be incredibly powerful for every class, but at least it was available. This means that the side of good will have to have something to balance it out.



Perhaps one of the biggest announcements is new Hero Cards and the main focus of the set. Galakrond, the father of the dragon aspects. His revival is something incredible, incredibly terrible. In World of Warcraft, he created proto-drakes and then consumed them. Due to the necrotic energy he gained from consuming the children, they would rise from the dead and fight for him. Now Rafaam and the League of E.V.I.L. are looking to revive him, and it looks like they succeeded.

Each of the heroes that are apart of the League of Evil will receive a Hero Card of Galakrond. Each one will have a different Hero Power and ability. For the Rogue class, the first part of Galakrond will draw one card and have it cost zero Mana. In his second form, he allows you to draw two cards for zero Mana each. Finally, at his peak of power, you draw four cards, each for zero Mana as well as equip a 5/2 claw weapon. All forms give you the hero power to generate a Lackey for two Mana. If each of the League of E.V.I.L. Galakrond’s are this powerful, we might have another Death Knight problem again, except this time it is only working for certain classes instead of all of them.

The Heroes

The villains got some pretty neat stuff, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get anything good. The classes for the League of Explorers get Sidequests. These Side Quests are similar to regular Quests, except they aren’t legendary and can be staked with your other Quests. These cards are relatively easy to complete. We’ve only seen the Side Quest for Mage so it’s not currently known if the other ones will be any good, but they should have very similar powers.

Being able to have multiple quests up at the same time is incredibly powerful, especially if they share similar goals as the mage one does. Since it requires eight mana worth of spells to trigger, it goes well with Raid the Sky Temple, since you are casting spells.



Each class will be getting a dragon of their own. So far, we have Malygos for Mage, Deathwing for Warrior, Nozdormu for Paladin, Ysera for Druid and Waxadred for Rogue. Currently, it is unknown what dragon Warlock, Priest, Shaman and Hunter received. But the ones we do have are incredible powerful and flavorful. Predictions for now leave Alexstrasza for hunter, the evil Nozdormu for Priest and new dragons for Shaman and Warlock.

Depending on the Hero Power of Galakrond for Shaman and Warrior class will depend on how one sided these future meta’s will be. Have Galakrond and then changing to Dr. Boom, Mad Genius later to regain control of the game could be incredibly powerful. Or using Overload Token Shaman with Hagatha and then Galakrond might spell disaster for all enemies.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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