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Descent of Dragons Solo Adventure

With every set, have been getting solo adventures to go along with the story. These adventures tell the story a little better than just in cards. So far, there have been no announcements for a solo adventure. But, it goes without that there will indeed be one. Especially since this is the climax of the story that is being told throughout the Year of the Dragon. But what could this adventure entail?

Choose a Side

From the trailer of Descent of Dragons, Madame Lazul even said that it is up to the player to choose who the winner is. Most likely, this means that the player will most likely choose a side, the League of Explorers or the League of E.V.I.L. Each side will have a different story to tell. With the Explorers, it’ll be about gathering the Dragon Aspects (except Deathwing) to have them fight Galakrond once more.

The League of E.V.I.L. will most likely have to fend off the smaller dragons that the League of Explorers have gotten on their side. Perhaps this will determine which version of Galakrond will rise from the dead. It might be a gauntlet-like event where whichever deck can last the longest or make it to the end will revive Galakrond. So, if Rafaam makes it to the end, we get the Warlock version, but if Dr. Boom makes it, we get the Warrior version.


There is also the possibility that this story might continue into the next set. If the League of E.V.I.L. win this encounter, perhaps Galakrond will betray them and take his own side. It is a trope for the villains to revive an ancient evil, or for said ancient evil to betray them and force both sides to work together. How can a group of villains take over the world if there isn’t a world left? It would fit the idea perfectly considering how deadly Galakrond was back in his time.

A lot is unknown about this set. The only thing that is set in stone is the Dragons that are there, Galakrond, and an epic finale to a fantastic story. Blizzard is great at telling stories and this is another flex from that storytelling arm.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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