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Day 1 Uldum Decks

Saviors of Uldum is about to be released and many players wonder what decks to try out first. With the pre-release, we got to see many of the cards shown off and how they function. Some cards were determined bad, others surprised players and some that are still in a grey area because of consistency. But there are some decks that players can try on day one and find some form of success.

Secret Midrange Hunter

Wonder how Brann and King Krush met.

With the new Hyena Alpha, a combo of Secret Hunter and Midrange Hunter has emerged. This deck’s main goal is to do chip damage and then end the game with a huge amount of burst. Hyena Alpha works incredibly well with Scavenging Hyena, powering it up with the sacrifice of the token Hyena and the Alpha. There is some debate if it will be a one of every card kind of deck to include Dinotamer Brann for even more burst damage. If he is included, King Krush will most likely be included to fill out the decklist and to make sure that there is a lot of burst damage.

The core of this deck will mostly be determined by if Brann is in the deck or not. If he is in there, many cards will have to be considered and it might come down to a bit of luck of the draw. However, there is the possibility to use up your deck and then use Brann, however that might not always be a good idea since Bomb Warrior is in the game. Without Brann, the deck will resemble the Midrange Hunter from Rise of Shadows except with the inclusion of a few secrets to make sure that Hyena Alpha activates. It would also include Hunter’s Pack to give extra value. A questionable inclusion is the Scarlet Webweaver, possibly working with King Krush.

Thief Rogue

Will the League of Explorers be able to save Uldum?

The release of a new set is the best time to test out Thief Rogue. The mechanics of this deck haven’t really changed since it’s creation. Take cards from other classes and use them at a discounted cost as well as combining them with your own cards, keeping card advantage as well as keeping your opponent guessing on what you have in your hand.

The core cards generally have been the same. Henchclan Burglar and Pilfer to combat the mirror matches as well as gain charges on your Spectral Cutlass. But now players have Buzzar Burglary and Clever Disguise. These cards make Thief Rogue’s job a lot easier and have tons of upside. Putting the quest up first makes all the sneaky shenanigans that Thief Rogue does later in the game have upsides besides the normal ones. The quest reward makes clearing out smaller minions out and doing a decent amount of damage to the enemy’s health.


All these Egyptian themed stuff makes it feel like Yu-Gi-Oh.

One thing that will always remain in new sets are aggro decks. Zoolock seems especially strong though now with the power of the Lackeys and with the help of Dark Pharaoh Tekahn. Being able to essentially get the old Quest Rogue in a better way will be incredibly powerful. Using the powers of board clears when facing taunt decks.

The cards that go into this deck are the usual cheap minions to flood the board and take the game by storm. Other cards would be Rafaam’s Scheme to fill the board with cheap minions. Follow it with Plague of Flames to clear out the enemy’s big minions. Then one could use Lacky generating cards and Dark Pharaoh Takahn to make you last during the late game.

The Meta

These decks most likely won’t be the main meta that sticks around. They are meant to help players get a head start in Rank play. Mostly they will just be for fun and possibly find some good footing for the actual meta decks.

Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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