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Control Support for Warrior and Druid in Saviors of Uldum

Warrior and Druid in Saviors of Uldum

Warrior and Druid in Saviors of Uldum are getting some nice support for their control archetypes. Druid hasn’t been able to really play any viable control decks in Rise of Shadows, but that will likely change. Warrior also sees the revival of its old Taunt Warrior archetype with a couple of new additions as well.

Into the Fray

Into the Fray is a one mana spell for Warriors that buffs all of the Taunt minions in your hand +2/+2. This effect is similar to the old Hand Buff Paladin, but a little more of a buff and encouraging a lot more taunt minions.Warrior and Druid in Saviors of Uldum

This card synergizes greatly with the two new Warrior class Taunts that were also revealed to be in Saviors of Uldum. The first is the Legendary minion Armagedillo. After playing Into the Fray on this card, Armagedillo becomes a six mana 6/9 with Taunt. On top of that, it also has the same effect as Into the Fray, giving all Taunt minions in your hand +2/+2.

This also makes the new neutral Taunt Infested Goblin a good card. You either turn the main card into a three mana 4/5, or you turn the two Scarabs into one mana 3/3s with Taunt. Zilliax, of course, gets great value from being buffed. This also could make Belligerent Gnome worth seeing play.

Frightened Flunky

Warrior and Druid in Saviors of UldumThe next card that benefits greatly from Into the Fray would be Frightened Flunky. Another Warrior class Taunt minion, he discovers a Taunt minion as his Battlecry. As a two-mana 2/2, you play Into the Fray on turn one, you get a 4/4 with Taunt coming down on turn two.

Not only is this great against aggro, but it also provides reasonable value against slower decks. The disadvantage of Into the Fray is you lose out on removal or another minion in that slot. Flunky makes up for that by discovering another Taunt in its Battlecry.

Much like Stonehill Defender, you can also go infinite potentially if you kept hitting Flunky off the Discover effect. It’s much more likely to do so as well since class cards have higher representation in the pool. Warrior also has very few class Taunts to be discovered in the first place.


Now we move over to Druid, which gets a card that is a big draw tool. For seven mana, Overflow restores all characters for five health, as well as draw five cards.Warrior and Druid in Saviors of Uldum

In slower Druid decks, you don’t really care about healing your opponent as sometimes they are even on full health. What’s important is healing yourself and the massive amount of card draw, like what Ultimate Infestation provided in the past.

This is a great card to support Lucentbark Druid, as it refills your hand as well as provide a resurrect immediately for Lucentbark. If some form of Malygos Druid comes back into the meta this card provides great support for cycling the deck.

Anubisath Defender

Overflow also synergizes well with the new Druid class Taunt Anubisath Defender. Normally a five mana 3/5, if you play a spell that costs five or more, it costs zero for that turn.

Most players would be concerned that when playing Overflow, you put yourself at risk on board for not developing anything. Anubisath Defender remedies that by providing free Taunt on the turn you play it. You can drop two down and actually have a huge swing turn that way.

Alternatively, this also supports a Highlander style Druid deck. Both cards can be duplicated with the new Elise as well. We are still waiting on what the neutral Highlander card or cards will be to seek a win condition, but Druid doesn’t lack the support cards.

We’ll have to see what else is in store for Warrior and Druid in Saviors of Uldum.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website. 

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