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Hearthstone: More Boomsday Project Cards Revealed, Dust or Play?

Boomsday Project Cards Revealed

Hearthstone has had more Boomsday Project cards revealed. In a recent livestream, game designer Peter Whalen and caster Brian Kibler revealed some of the new cards. Interesting new potential synergies have been brought to our attention.

Omega Good or Omega Bad

Boomsday Project Cards Revealed
Not really worthy of an Omega name.

Two new cards following the Omega theme are now known. They are Omega Agent for Warlock and Omega Medic for Priest.

The Omega Agent summons three 4/5 minions for five mana at 10 mana crystals, which is a good way to fill the board. This allows for flex plays like Hellfire into this card. However, without 10 mana, this card is a five mana 4/5. That is a really bad minion. The Omega effect isn’t that powerful, so this is a card for the dust fund.

Omega Medic on the other hand doesn’t seem too bad. On its own, the card plays as a three mana 3/4.

With the Omega effect, it heals your hero for 10. Should a good build of Control Priest be optimized, this card should be in it. This card, while not too strong, is likely to see play.

New Legendaries

The stream revealed to us a new Hero card and a legendary spell. Both cards have synergies with mech minions.

Boomsday Project Cards Revealed
Mech N’Zoth in a spell.

The Hero card is Dr. Boom, Mad Genius for Warrior. The effect of giving all mech minions Rush for the rest of the game is a powerful one. However, it doesn’t have an immediate effect outside of gaining seven armor. That makes it hard for it to compete with cards like Hagatha the Witch or the current Warrior Hero card Scourgelord Garrosh. Also, his hero power is much too inconsistent, changing randomly each turn. If there were more predictability to what you could do with your hero power, one could justify playing him. Our friend Dr. Boom is probably going to be a good 400 dust.

The legendary spell is Kangor’s Endless Army for paladin. This card encourages running a magnetic based Paladin with a few, strong mech cards. We haven’t seen all the cards to come, but given that paladin will already be getting Annoy-o-Module, this card seems good. Creating a large board with Divine Shields and Taunts is a very good defensive play, and can provide a strong board to push for lethal. Expect to see a mech Paladin archetype with this card in play.

Can’t Beat Value

Boomsday Project Cards Revealed
Why limit yourself to two copies of a card?

Rogue will be getting a better version of Gang Up, a card which got rotated to Wild. That card is Lab Recruiter. Being a two mana 3/2, the card is already a good vanilla minion.

The effect of shuffling three copies of a minion into your deck is what makes this card seem insane. The ability to add more removal cards like Vilespine Slayer to your deck, paired with the card draw tools in Rogue, makes for more viable control schemes. Expect this card to see plenty of play in Rogue.

Priest gets a valuable card in the form of Dead Ringer. This card is very similar to the existing Loot Hoarder, which also draws a card and is a two mana 2/1. The difference is that Dead Ringer has mech synergy and draws specifically deathrattles. That makes this a solid card for the existing Quest Priest archetype, and can even replace Loot Hoarder. This card should definitely see play.

Boomsday Project Cards Revealed
Looks fun, but looks aren’t everything.

Random is Fun, but Not Effective

It isn’t Hearthstone without RNG, but there are two new cards that should both be in the dust pool. These are Unexpected Results for Mage and the neutral minion Weaponized Pinata.

Weaponized Pinata starts off poorly at face value being a four mana 4/3. This allows for a lot of lower cost minions to trade up into it, which is really detrimental. The trade-off is for the effect of getting a random legendary minion. The problem with this is that random legendary minions are unlikely to have great base stats and are equally unlikely to synergize with whatever deck it finds itself in.


Exactly What the Card Says

Boomsday Project Cards Revealed
Alternate name: 100 Dust

Unexpected Results has the potential to be a good card. Not having complete information on the rest of the cards, potential output may not be what you’ll be getting out of it. Blizzard Team 5 have stated that there are many more spell damage cards to come, but in what form is not yet unidentified.

Playing Unexpected Results at its base value gives four mana worth of minions for four mana. This is okay at best, and unpredictability is not what you look for in a competitive card. Playing the card for more value will require already having a spell damage minion on board when reaching four mana, or playing the card on a later turn. Having this card played on later turns for a couple of three or four cost minions to hit the board is too much weaker than what other current meta decks can do (see Master Oakheart).


For a complete list of the currently revealed Boomsday Project cards, go here. If you have ideas as to what decks these cards can be played in, let us know in the comments below!


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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