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“The Boomsday Project”: new Hearthstone expansion announced


The Hearthstone team has announced a new card expansion which will be called The Boomsday Project. The “Boom” part of the name is a reference to the card and character Dr. Boom. The new set’s theme seems to be focused around his mechanical projects and inventions.

New Cards New Mechanics

The first of many Magnetic cards to come.

A new mechanic will be added as is the norm for new expansions in Hearthstone. It is called “magnetic”, which allows for a minion to be attached to another minion.

The minion that it is attached to will gain the stats and effect of the Magnetic minion. The minion can also be played on its own as a regular minion.

The first look at the mechanic was the card Spider Bomb. It is a Hunter card with the Deathrattle effect of killing a minion. This is really strong so it will be exciting to see what other Magnetic cards we will receive.

There will also be “Omega” cards. These cards will gain a special effect when the player is at 10 mana. The card example they provided was Omega Defender. Regularly this card is only a 2/6 taunt for four mana, but becomes 12-attack when at 10 mana. Should this be the case for all Omega cards, they might not see play if they are only playable at 10 mana.

Legendaries and Legendary Spells

The new Shaman legendary card.

So far a total of four new legendary cards have been shown or teased by the Hearthstone team. A new Dr. Boom Hero card for Warrior was shown for a second in the announcement trailer.

Also to match Murmuring Elemental’s Battlecry effect, Shaman will be receiving a class legendary that makes spell effects trigger twice called Electra Stormsurge.

The new Mage legendary card was teased in a separate, short animation. Stargazer Luna introduces an effect not yet seen in Hearthstone. The card is likely to see some play as drawing cards is always a very powerful effect.

A lot of Rogue decks revolve around drawing cards.

For the first time Hearthstone will also add legendary spell cards (not including quests). They showed off Myra’s Unstable Element, an insane spell for five mana. Drawing out the rest of your deck is a hugely dramatic effect. Given this card, we should expect to see insane legendary spells for the rest of the classes.

Save the Date

The expansion is set to launch on August 7. There are two different pre-order options for the set. There is the normal pre-order bundle and one “MEGA BUNDLE”.

The mega bundle includes everything in the normal pre-order with an additional 30 packs and the Mecha Jaraxxus Warlock Hero Portrait. For now the Hearthstone team have stated that the portrait will only be available via the mega pre-order, so bust out your wallet now if you want to obtain him.

There will also be solo adventures unlocking on August 21. Expect to play through a few of these in order to claim some extra packs. Everyone gets 3 packs and a random legendary to start when the expansion releases.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via Hearthpwn.

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