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Best Card in Each Class in Saviors of Uldum

Each Class in Saviors of Uldum

Each class in Saviors of Uldum will be receiving 10 new cards to play. Of course, only so many will see play in viable meta decks. Some classes are receiving a lot more help than others, in what appears to be an attempt to bring more balance to the game. Let’s see what the big ticket cards are from each class.

Tempo and Lackeys

Tempo and Lackeys go together like bread and butter. Warlocks best card from the new set looks like EVIL Recruiter, the 3/3 that destroys a friendly Lackey and summons a 5/5. As it turns out, 8/8 worth of stats on turn three might be good enough to snowball a game into a victory. That combined with more Lackey generation means more wins and consistency for Zoo Warlock.Each Class in Saviors of Uldum

Continuing the Lackey train, Weaponized Wasp looks like Shaman’s best card in the new set. The Quest is a close second, but this card can also be used in Quest decks because both Lackeys and this card benefit from the Quest. A 3/3 that deals three on turn three is very strong in a tempo oriented deck.

Not Lackey related, but still very solid for tempo, is Pharaoh Cat. It is a pretty good play on turn one, developing a 1/2 body. Then it gives you a random Reborn minion, which provides value and potential thief synergy. Because the Reborn minion is random, you can get one from another class which can activate your Vendettas.

Slower Value Minions

Each Class in Saviors of UldumDruid is getting various decent additions to make slower decks more viable. Of those, Anubisath Defender is going to be ran in all of the slow decks as an invaluable Taunt. It’s very similar to how Arcane Tyrant was in all the Druid decks, but Anubisath Defender is even better than that thanks to Taunt. Now you can play Hidden Oasis or Overflow then develop one or two 3/5 Taunts on the same turn.

Priest is another class that is getting a nice chunk of solid cards in Saviors of Uldum. Penance is a really good removal spell in the early game, and then High Priest Amet comes in as a very interesting minion. Amet is going to create some very interesting situations since it has seven health for just four mana. It can be healed and you can give your follow up minions as much health as Amet has. Because Priest has a lot of health buff cards, you can be creating minions with huge health totals.

Then Warrior’s new value deck, Taunt Warrior, is receiving Armagedillo. This six mana 4/7 Taunt gives all of your Taunt minions in hand +2/+2. Thanks to Into the Fray, most of the time this card will come down as a 6/9. If this card stays on board for two turns, that is going to be enough value to take out a lot of decks with the large follow up Taunt minions.

Cards of Aggression

Secret Mage is getting some real serious support in Saviors of Uldum. Ancient Mysteries is a two mana Each Class in Saviors of UldumSpell that draws a Secret from your deck and makes it cost zero. The flexibility is amazing, as you can hold on to the zero cost Secret to play on a turn where you can play Cloud Prince. This card is ridiculous as you spend two mana to hit a specific draw and make a three mana card cost zero, so you aren’t simply just paying for the price of the Secret up front.

Hunters that run Secrets are getting a fantastic new Secret, Pressure Plate. When your opponent casts a Spell, this secret triggers, killing a random enemy minion. This is really good against Mages when they want to drop a Mountain Giant and then follow it up with a Conjurer’s Calling or freeze your minions to protect it, resulting in the death of a Giant. Even hitting smaller minions, this card provides good value for the price.

Lastly we come to Paladin’s Sir Finley of the Sands. Paladin didn’t get a lot of strong cards this time around, which is fine considering they have the decks Mech Paladin and OTK Paladin in the meta. Discovering an upgraded Hero Power is quite powerful, but the power of Highlander Paladin is in question.

Overall, the new set looks quite promising for each class in Saviors of Uldum.


Images courtesy Blizzard Entertainment via their official website. 

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