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Analyzing Eddie’s Masters Tour Bucharest Decks

Eddie's Masters Tour Bucharest Decks


Eddie's Masters Tour Bucharest Decks

Eddie “Eddie” Lui is the champion of the most recent Masters event. Eddie’s Masters Tour Bucharest decks were a very unique lineup in the tournament, and part of the reason why he had so much success. He brought decks for maximum late game value in a meta slow enough to accommodate it.

Quest Druid

Quest Druid is the one deck Eddie said he wanted to bring no matter what because he thought it was just plain good. It warranted a ban in the Grand Final, so there’s something to be said for that.

Of his decks, his Quest Druid is not the greediest, as it lacks a Chef Nomi. Though, it has all of the other key components, as well as including a Baleful Banker to get more value out of a card like Elise the Enlightened in a slow match up, theoretically allowing him to go infinite.

Other than this, you see just one Ferocious Howl and no BEEEES!!!, meaning he’s playing to beat the other control decks. Kun the Forgotten King can be combined with Oasis Surger, Cenarius or King Phaoris to try to create a game ending board.


Eddie's Masters Tour Bucharest Decks

Control Warrior

Eddie also mentioned wanting to take advantage of the cards rotating back into Standard for a limited time. Most notably is N’zoth the Corruptor, a card that creates a game ending board state all on its own. He added N’zoth and Sylvanas Windrunner to his Control Warrior for late game value.

On top of this, he adds Hakkar the Soulflayer to try to beat other decks playing slowly like Quest Druid, and OTK Paladin if Hakkar comes down fast enough. There is no worry on his side with the Archivist Elysiana getting rid of the Corrupted Bloods.

Elysiana is a necessary inclusion for the Warrior mirror match. Though Eddie takes it a step further, by including Emperor Thaurissan and Youthful Brewmaster to ensure that he never loses to fatigue. It’s a little more relevant than being able to reach the turn timer, as Corrupted Bloods can force you to play Elysiana earlier than you want to in a game.



Resurrect PriestEddie's Masters Tour Bucharest Decks

Resurrect Priest is the second deck in Eddie’s lineup to take advantage of the returning N’zoth. The difference between this deck and Control Warrior is the ability to bring back multiple large board states through Mass Resurrection and Catrina Muerte.

Another nice card in the Priest class is the guaranteed board clear called Plague of Death at the nine mana slot. Eddie has also included Hakkar the Soulflayer, Emperor Thaurissan and Archivist Elysiana in this deck. Although, he is not running Seance to get an additional copy of Elysiana and just hoping one is good enough to get him through with the more minions Priest provides.

He is running all board clears Priest possibly can, with two copies each of Mass Hysteria, Lightbomb and Plague of Death. If the minions don’t come out fast enough to add to the resurrection pool, Eddie has Zerek’s Cloning Gallery for that. All Highlander decks can really get stumped by Hakkar when it forces them to lose out on Zephrys the Great.

Quest Shaman

Quest Shaman is Eddie’s most “normal” deck in this line up. It is of course the most popular deck in the game in ladder play, and his list isn’t running anything unusual.

Eddie has come to the same conclusion that many others have: running a deck with Desert Hare and Evolve is good. Quest Shaman has decent match ups against just about everything except decks like Combo Priest, which was a lot less popular in Bucharest.

In the Grand Final of Bucharest he was able to outlast a Control Warrior, due in part to his smart aggression in the late game. The Warrior never had an opportunity to play Archivist Elysiana, which made him die to fatigue.

The meta call by Eddie against the Bucharest field was huge. There weren’t enough decks fast enough to punish his lineup, and all the possible timings for Hakkar really adds another aspect to each game.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website. and the PlayHearthstone twitch channel.

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