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9 Best Doom in the Tomb Cards

Doom in the Tomb Cards

The Doom in the Tomb cards have been out for a week now, and we have seen a new meta take shape. Some cards have immediately become major winners in top tier meta decks. Others have yet to shine, but there is still plenty of time for a hidden gem of a deck to be created. Here are nine cards that have made the biggest impact so far.

Doom in the Tomb Cards

9. Flamewaker

Players have been trying really hard from the get-go to make Flamewaker a good card. Its potential output of damage is insane when paired with an Emperor Thaurissan discount and Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Flamewaker is at number nine on this list because of its volume of play. A lot of people are playing some form of Mage that tries to kill the opponent with Flamewakers, or Archmage Antonidas should that plan fail. The deck has been performing at a mediocre level, but has carved out its own little piece in the meta.

8. Swashburglar

Swashburglar makes it at number eight in the list also because of its volume of play; but it has been a better card than Flamewaker. Nothing much has had to change for Tempo Rogues to use this card, as having four one drops in the deck allows you to have more consistency in the early game.

Swashburglar also makes the versions of Rogue that play Vendetta better, as this makes Vendetta cost zero from the very start of the game. It also improves Underbelly Fence, with it being able to be played on turn two instead of after Blink Fox gets played.

Doom in the Tomb Cards7. Lightbomb

Lightbomb is a reactive card with a positive win rate, that’s impressive. The card has helped Resurrect Priest with its lack of removal in the mid game. Instead of waiting for Plague of Death on turn nine, Priests can deal with boards on turn six.

Lightbomb also is great when the Priests happen to have some of a board. Most of Priest’s minions have more health than attack, which allows players to clear the opponent’s board while maintaining some of their own. This card is at number seven because it’s the last one before cards with more obnoxious win rates.


6. Sylvanas Windrunner

Sylvanas Windrunner is an extremely annoying card to deal with. Any deck that isn’t aggro gets a huge wrench thrown into how they approach their next couple turns when she sees the board.

On top of this, she gets to return with N’zoth the Corruptor, creating more problems in the late game. With silence still not being very popular, Sylvanas gets to have her way with the board and possibly an opponent’s minion.

5. Ragnaros the FirelordDoom in the Tomb Cards

There’s nothing more satisfying than curving into Ragnaros the Firelord on turn eight with control of the board. The immediate eight damage he provides can swing the board in your favor, or even win you the game.

Ragnaros has seen plenty of play in Highlander decks, and of course Resurrect Priest. Ragnaros is part of what made the monster of Big Priest in the Wild meta game.

4. Kun the Forgotten King

Quest Druid only gets stronger with Kun the Forgotten King. If a Druid manages to play this card, chances are they get to win. It enables very large board states to be created, as well as late game stabilization.

Kun used to be used as a combo card, but the decision between mana and armor no longer has to be made in Quest decks. Kun is basically a zero mana 7/7 that gains 10 armor. There seems to be no down side to running the card.

Doom in the Tomb Cards3. Emperor Thaurissan

Thaurissan allows everything to happen a turn sooner than it should. It’s the best enabler for Combo decks, but it sees play in any deck that has a lot of cards in hand.

Resurrect Priest wants to make Mass Resurrection and N’zoth come down earlier in the game to close them out. Malygos Druid wants the Thaurissan discount to guarantee lethal damage. Other decks simply want to make some room in their hand to draw cards. Thaurissan is a great value card on top of being a body with decent stats.


2. N’zoth the Corruptor

If your deck is running Sylvanas and Khartut Defender, it’s also running N’zoth the Corruptor. Decks that normally aren’t able to create huge boards on one turn suddenly can with this one card.

Resurrect Priest get to use it as a way to create a third large board on top of their Mass Resurrections. Warriors suddenly can create a board otherwise not possible in the class. Just as importantly, bringing back those taunts that give you life gain can lock certain decks out of the game.

1. EvolveDoom in the Tomb Cards

I think there’s no doubt about Evolve being the most impactful Doom in the Tomb card. This card has shot Shaman into the uncontested number one best class of the current meta.

The ability on turn three or four to play Desert Hare plus evolve creates a board state no deck can really answer. Even in later turns with Quest Shaman, playing five four mana minions or even five mana minions with double Evolve can close out the game. Getting to play Desert Hare can also make Mogu Fleshshaper cost zero, getting an eight mana minion on board on top of all the four mana ones.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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