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When is the Halo Infinite Release Date?

Yes, the sixth installment of the Halo franchise is finally coming out. It has been nearly five years since Halo 5 came out and in many people’s opinion, it was the worst one in the franchise. In a similar vein, one of the biggest sports ever has also nearly completely died out over the past two installments. With Halo Infinite it will be interesting to see if they continue to follow the fast-paced method of the previous two games or if they go back to more of what the franchise was in Halo’s one through three.

Either way, the real question becomes, after all this time, when does Halo 6 come out?

Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X

After being teased at E3 2018, not much has been known about a release date or really anything about the latest Halo installment. Only that it is not Halo 6 and instead Halo Infinite. Also that it will be the flagship title with the release of the new Xbox Series X.

With that, it means that it will be releasing at the same time as the Xbox Series X which will be holiday 2020. Expect to see Halo Infinite coming out around early to mid-November of 2020.

There are so many questions that come with this release date. Will it join the other Halo games on PC or will it be coming to Xbox One? Also, what will the multiplayer look like?

Luckily all of these questions and likely more will be answered soon. A world premiere of the Campaign is being shown July 23 at 12 pm EST/9 am PST. For where to watch it, check out the tweet below.

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