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Halo Infinite Battle Pass Break Down

Halo Infinite Battle Pass

343 Industries surprised everyone all with the sudden drop of the Halo Infinite Multiplayer. It shouldn’t be any surprise too that 343 decided to carry over the battle pass system. This time around 343 Industries did something a little different with the Halo Infinite Battle Pass than what we’re used to.

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What is perhaps one of the most shocking things about the battle pass is that it never expires. If you miss out on season one. So if you jump in season 2 or even 3 you could purchase the season one battle pass. You could also purchase the current season and decide which battle pass you want to activate.

As for the theme for the season, one battle pass it’s paying homage to an older halo: Halo Reach. The season is even being called “Heroes Of Reach”.

Even though lots of people are happy with the multiplayer of Halo Infinite it is having its fair share of backlash with the battle pass. In most games that have the battle pass system it’s straightforward on moving from tier to tier, just play the game. Or by doing challenges.

But in Halo Infinite the only way to move up in the battle pass is by doing the challenges. You could be playing for hours and if you don’t do the challenges you won’t move up at all. Lots of gamers have taken to Twitter to express their concerns about the system too.

It didn’t take long for the 343 Industries team to notice this outcry either. 343 community manager took to Twitter to address this. And said that the team is working on improving the battle pass system.

Even the Community Director addressed the problem yesterday reassuring fans that the team is working on improving this. 


Battle Pass Armor

All the armor items to wear are updated versions of what you could customize in Halo Reach. Also here are some of the cosmetics that’ll stand out from the rest.

Tier 1.  Nobel Six Gear

Tier one comes with gear that Noble Six starts off with at the beginning of Halo Reach.

Tier 20.  Noble One Carter

Once you unlock tier 20 you could rock the leader of Noble teams gear.

Tier 40.  Noble Three Jun

Tier forty rewards you with the iconic sniper from Noble Team and even includes his scarf. 

Tier 60.  Noble Two Catherin

Tier sixty rewards you with the second in command Noble Team Catherin.

Tier 80.  Noble Five Jorge 

When you reach tier forty you’ll be rewarded with the Spartan Two gears Jorge.

Tier 95.  Noble Four Emile

What’s the last one but not least tier ninety-five will reward you with the fan-favorite Emile. His gear comes fully prepared with his giant knife and skull helmet ready.

Halo Infinite Battle Pass

Tier 100

In addition to all the other tiers, the final tear comes with a wrest gear and a flame effect called  “Judgment Flame” that creates a fire flame whenever you use equipment or run/slide.

Halo Infinite Battle Pass

There are a lot of other items included in the battle pass such as visor colors, poses, colors, and so much more. But these are perhaps the most iconic ones you could unlock.

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