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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Announced for the Nintendo Switch

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Many fans were speculating a new Xenoblade Chronicles entry for the Nintendo Switch. Perhaps a port of Xenoblade Chronicles X was making its way. But nope! It was actually Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for the Nintendo Switch! With the same amazing signature visuals, alongside open world mechanics, this game will without a doubt be a banger. Presented in the official Nintendo Direct, this game entry marked the finale for the presentation. Linked below is the timestamped reveal.

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What to Expect

Courtesy of Nintendo

The showcase presents the game’s newest protagonist, dressed in pure black with gorgeous long hair. Within the first couple seconds of the presentation, it’s made evident that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 takes heavier inspiration thematically from Xenoblade Chronicles 1. In essence, there isn’t as blatant fan service and a much heavier story.

Now, that’s honestly great to see. One of the biggest criticisms for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was its almost child-like story telling alongside overly abundant fan service. Of course, that doesn’t mean there’ll be no fan service in this game. As with every entry in the Xenoblade Chronicles franchise, there’s bound to be at least some. Okay, enough about that, and now for the story. Not much has been revealed, but in the opening cut scene, explosions and soldiers fill the background. A war takes place, with huge titans marching down the land.

“Tell me, what would possess you to side with them?”

The main character asks, while wielding his sword to fend off an adorable cat lady.

“We’re fighting because there are enemies to kill!”

Yells the adorable cat lady as she casually slashes at the protagonist, slicing his face.

These two start off as enemies, but clearly become the Pyra and Rex of the entry. Shown throughout the video standing side to side, ready to take on the adventure that awaits them. People may be wondering, what is the gameplay for the game going to be like? And honestly speaking, not much as been revealed.

Courtesy of Nintendo

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 did was revamp the battle system, creating more complexity and overall improving upon it. One major change was the addition of switching out playable characters, allowing for more customization in play style. Clearly, this trait made its way  in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. In the picture above, the player controls the female main character. This wouldn’t have been possible in Xenoblade 1.

In Conclusion

The official reveal for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for the Nintendo Switch told the community so much, yet so little. With a release date of September 2022, there’s still so long until the game officially releases. It seems that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 takes inspiration from both 1 and 2, hopefully taking only the best of both games and creating yet another master piece for gaming. For more coverage on Xenoblade Chronicles 3, keep an eye out on The Game Haus.

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