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Xbox vs. PlayStation: Casino Gaming Edition

Despite the popularity and success of Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation, neither console offers one of the most popular gaming niches: casino titles. While both consoles have seen a number of poker or other casino game spinoffs over the years, it was actually Nintendo who first launched casino-specific titles back in the mid-1990s.


Still, even these platforms have hit a similar problem to modern Xbox and PlayStation projects in that they don’t offer real money payouts. For strategy games like poker, this may not be a dealbreaker, but most people who seek out casino games will want the ‘full’ experience.


When most people think of a real money casino with an online branch, they imagine a browser-based platform. In certain cases, they may also think of a brand that has a downloadable application. However, many options are also available for play via console, which makes gaming more convenient for those used to handling a controller.


While none of these titles were built for consoles, they can be accessed via the in-console browsers that Microsoft and Sony now build into their machines. Conversely, casino gamers can also enable PC browser titles to be played with a controller in some cases.


Let’s take a closer look.


The Xbox Experience: Edge Browser

Though Xbox consoles may not be equipped to access Discord, one of Microsoft’s biggest improvements has been the addition of a modern web browser in September 2021. The idea behind adding a fully-equipped Edge browser was to allow gamers to launch Discord, as well as other platforms like Stadia.


Edge browser updates are now available for Xbox One and the Xbox Series S/X and will sync automatically to personalized settings. These make it handy to set favorite tabs and control web history, while also being optimized to support a mouse and keyboard.


This means Xbox One and X/S users can use their browser to access apps like Excel and Word—or an online casino. Given the strides Microsoft has made to create a more well-rounded and viable browser experience, the Xbox is the clear winner for those looking to use their console to play poker, slots, blackjack, and more.

PlayStation5: A (Literally) Hidden Gem

Since Sony released the PS5 in November 2020, manufacturers and suppliers have struggled to meet market demands. Unfortunately, those who manage to get their hands on a PS5 won’t see the same browser capabilities as Microsoft’s Edge browser push. In fact, developers hid the browser element, making it less accessible than the PS4’s browser.


Given the low demand for browser capabilities and a lack of usage in PS4, Sony’s move to hide the browser and funnel resources elsewhere makes sense. The PS5’s version isn’t fully functional; in fact, users need a Twitter account to even access the browser feature.


Though it may not be out of the picture forever, PlayStation users are better off accessing casino titles via their PC browser or through Xbox’s Edge browser. At the moment, only text-based sites load easily with a PS5.


Linking a Controller to a PC

Though most casino gamers with a console will want to find a way to link their favorite site to their TV screen, some gamers will instead look to link up a controller with their PC. This is often a decision based on comfort and familiarity.


Not only are controllers from Xbox and PlayStation more ergonomic than keyboard shorts, but they also tend to prevent wrong clicks for long-time users. To see if your favorite browser or in-app casino accepts controller access, check out the settings and then shortcuts or hotkeys section.


This sometimes involves software mapping, which means downloading an app in order to link hotkey shortcuts to a controller’s buttons. Keep in mind there are multiple apps that are designed for PC and Macs to do this, as well as certain browsers.

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