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Why Live Online Gaming Is Growing in Popularity

As most will know, the gambling industry is a behemoth in terms of size and reach, and the activity has always been popular looking back at history. People just love playing classic games like blackjack and poker to win money, and the same is true for those who prefer betting on sports too. While the industry has always been large, there is no doubt that the internet transformed the industry forever. Instead of having to travel to casinos or betting shops, players could now stay at home, put their feet up, and play their favourite games on their laptop, computer or smartphone.

In recent years, there has been a debate on whether it is even worth it to travel to traditional casinos even more considering the convenience that people receive from online casinos. There is no doubt that online gambling will eventually be the preferred way to play, though there is also another way to gamble that has arisen that many people are also enjoying. These are live casinos, and their very existence threatens the success of land-based casinos given that they are a blend of physical casinos and online casinos. 

Many players have chosen to stick with either option (physical casinos or online casinos) as they simply prefer the experience of one over the other. However, the best live online casinos present gamblers with a middle-ground approach – they essentially offer gamblers the best of both worlds. This is because live casinos still have the convenience of staying at home but they better recreate the feeling of going into an actual casino. They do this through live streaming a real game hosted by a human dealer to people’s devices at home.

In the same way that online casinos were considered the evolution of land-based casinos, the same may be true for live casinos. This is because they offer many advantages over other forms of gambling and this is likely the reason why they are growing in popularity. Given this, here are a few of the advantages that live casinos possess.

Live chat

Many will know that live chat is a common feature on most websites these days as it is the most effective way to get in contact with support staff. Of course, live chat is also available at live casinos, but it is upgraded in that as well as the customer service team, people can also talk to the live dealer. This is great for raising inquiries or just making small talk with the dealer.


Although online casinos utilize RNG in their games, some people believe that this is still less fair than relying on a human dealer to deal the cards or spin the wheel instead. While both methods offer similar levels of randomness, people simply prefer seeing the dealer rather than a computer program.

Attractive dealers

A convention of live casinos is that they will typically hire attractive people to host games. This can never really be a bad thing and many will likely appreciate having a good-looking host deal their hands.

These are just some of the advantages that live casinos possess that have contributed to their rise in popularity. Until another exciting innovation comes along, it is likely that his popularity will only increase in future years.

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