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Why is Lost Ark So Popular?

Lost Ark So Popular

In the past couple of days, Lost Ark took over the world. Having released in Europe and America on February 11, 2022, Lost Ark actually existed in other regions of the world for a couple years. This then begs the question, why is Lost Ark so popular all of a sudden? The game broke a record, managing to become the second highest concurrent players on steam. There are a couple of different factors that go into the game’s popularity.

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Well, first of all the game is good. What a surprise, yeah? As an MMORPG with great designs, fantastic gameplay, and wonderful customization features, Lost Ark allows players to socialize among themselves in game. A lot of video games are a social activity, especially considering the virtual nature of the world nowadays. Since the game is now free to play, after releasing in both Europe and America, there’s a lot of different marketing factors that helped the player base grow so rapidly.

Imagine a heavily invested player wanted to get their friends to join in on the Lost Ark grind. They could easily say, “Hey, it’s free to play! Just try it out.” At that point, there seems to be no real reason to say no to the request. In addition, Lost Ark has exploration, cooperation, and competitive play all built in. In essence, there’s a little something for every type of player. Some players enjoy PvP formats in games, while others enjoy taking it casually and venturing out into the world. Whatever the case, Lost Ark has them covered.

In Conclusion

This isn’t the first time a game blew up like this. Remember Genshin Impact, and the viral appeal that game had? The phenomena is largely compounded thanks to the current state of the world. Online escapism in video games is very much a thing, and Lost Ark seems to be the next big thing. These games essentially become trendy gathering hubs for people to connect virtually, which is honestly fantastic.

Of course, similar to Genshin Impact and Pokemon Unite, these fads do fade with time. In other words there’s no way Lost Ark will keep its massive player base. But what the remnants of the trends leave behind is a committed player base alongside a great foundation for the developers to continue to support the game. These viral gaming phenomena are quite rare and a bit short lived, so make sure to enjoy and join the festivities while they last.

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