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Why Gonzo’s Quest Slot Game is Still a Mainstay in 2020

Gonzo’s slot basically is an online video slot game that can be played on both desktop and on mobile browsers. The game was released in 2011 and it features both the free play and gambling modes. It was the first-ever platinum game by NetEnt, one of the leading online casino software provider globally. Gonzo’s Quest slot has a description of medium variance slot although it has a generous paytable with an RTP of 96%. You can find more details in this review on

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There are some reasons why Gonzo’s quest slot game remains to be a mainstay in 2020, and it is because of the following:


Gonzo’s Quest is an online slot video game that is Mayan-inspired and it appears to be amongst the popular slot games around the world. It has an avalanche feature that lets players win several times within a row. The game features conquistador Gonzo who arrives to the coast with a galleon. He then makes an escape with a treasure map and goes in search of Eldorado which is the city’s lost gold. Gonzo in this game is a constant feature that makes the player much entertained. The character is based on the 16th century Spanish story of the conquistador, Gonzalo Pizarro.

The Game mechanics

The video slot game has a beautiful design and is operated by the famous NetEnt software provider. It features 5 reels and 20 paylines and the storyline is based on the famous Gonzalo Pizarro the conqueror. Its graphics are in 3D with pastel palette and the introduction of the game begins with a 3D animation video which describes the setting of the game. This is one of the feature by NetEnt that makes this game a mainstay in 2020.

The game itself has a total of seven different unique symbols in the reels. They include the Fire, Fish, Alligator, Moon, Bird, Heath and Snake. The question mark in this game is the wildcard symbol. When the game was introduced by NetEnt, it was unique from other slot games because of the avalanche feature. Other games had the spinning reels with Gonzo’s Quest symbol falling in the reels.

When playing Gonzo’s Quest, there can be a winning formation line and when it happens, the symbols will explode and new ones replaces them in a separate avalanche. This means that there is a possibility of multiple payouts within each spin made. There is the Free Fall feature which gives bonus rounds when there is an appearance of three or more bonus icons. When five icons appear, there is a top payout.

The Avalanche Multiplier is the most interesting feature in Gonzo’s Quest. The reels in this game move into avalanche slots by cascading. When a new Avalanche is triggered, the player wins a multiplier. The Multiplier appears on the reel which can be x1, x2 or x5 and can award several avalanches. A third avalanche gives an x3 multiplier, a fourth an x4 multiplier with a fifth an x6 multiplier. A 4 or more avalanche will reward a player with an x5 multiplier, a 3 or 4 and ½ awards x6 multiplier.


There are several features in Gonzo’s Quest online video slot game. When you open the game, you will encounter the Free Fall features which are on the reels furthest left. There is the bet line that has 3 of them which makes 10 Free Falls active. We have the Free Fall symbol appearing in the lower right corner of each reel and it begins with left reel. Each Free Falls has the potential of awarding x3, x6, x9 and x5 multipliers. This gives the player a chance of winning more Free Falls with a single feature after the other. The game has an attractive RTP of 96% which gives it much consistent with other slot machines of the same kind. It is actually a major boost to make it a mainstay in 2020.


Since Gonzo’s Quest was introduced way back in 2010, it has had positive reviews. The novelty features has been praised recently by Droid Slots giving it a five-star review. It has also been praised for having large payouts. It is an entertaining game that just can’t stop where it was when it was established and is poised to penetrate confidently in 2020.

It is a unique game that has generous Free Falls Feature, Avalanche reels and the multipliers. It also has stunning 3D video and graphics. The overall performance of Gonzo’s Quest slot doesn’t have any fault so far. It is a game that is guaranteed to withstand any pressure of the time so players can stick with it through 2020.

Because of its good looking nature with an excellent design that goes further to the soundtrack makes the game competitive with others in 2020. It has the multi-layered sonic production soundtrack which syncs up perfectly with the action of the game. There is much on the reels of Gonzo’s Quest slot game that can accommodate any style of playing.

Virtual Reality

With the introduction of Virtual Reality version, Gonzo’s Quest has enabled its players to experience games in 3D. With 3D feature, players have the ability of having a 360 degree viewing. This means that the paytable together with important elements of the game are visible so there is no need of pausing or leaving the game. The game can be accessed on several devices including Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, PlayStation VR and many more.

To Sum it up

With a discovery journey of finding the Eldorado lost city and lots of its riches, Gonzo’s Quest is the most entertaining slot game that still remains a mainstay in 2020. The game gives you a great gaming experience when you try it. It has very unique mechanics when compared to other video slot games. It has the free to play version although it lacks some of important features. With 20 amazing fixed paylines with the avalanche system as opposed to rolling reels, Gonzo’s Quest Slots is unique in style.

The unique approach NetEnt software provider has initiated into this game, players can’t get their hands out of this game. The idea is to discover the ways the avalanche feature is capable of multiplying the wins. You should also master ways of unlocking the 10 Free Falls feature in the game and know the effect in the game of the Wild card when it crops up.

Gonzo’s Quest is an excellent video slot game because of five reasons. First, it has the avalanche reels that offers multiple wins. Second, it has 20 fixed paylines that offer frequent payouts. Third, you have a chance of triggering 10 Free Falls instantly. Fourth, it can be accessed on the iOS mobile and lastly, it utilizes the 3D graphics in full effect.

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