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White Hat Gaming Boosts its Foothold in Europe

For any company, whether they have long since found their foothold within a specific market, or are still trying to pinpoint their precise demographic, growing beyond their existing parameters and making their unique mark further and further from home – or, at least, where they originally started – represents an ultimate goal.

Growth is never a given, of course, but in the gaming sector it is becoming an increasingly common occurrence for those who have managed to assert themselves at the heads of their industries. 

To be sure, recent years stand as a testament to the remarkable propensity for the gaming world to shed its skin, and take on a new significance. Whether we look to the incredible diversification of titles on offer from a growing list of influential developers (both independent and ‘Triple-A’), or to the incredible ways innovative new technology has facilitated massive improvements on the sides of development, and gameplay itself, it is clear that change is – and has been – afoot. 

That same atmosphere of progress is, of course, being felt in the iGaming industry – and certainly by one of the leading, state-of-the-art iGaming platforms, White Hat Gaming. 

White Hat Gaming offers an advanced and scalable solution for a white variety of iGaming sites, such as the widely-acclaimed Dream Vegas online casino, which is, inarguably, an archetype to which the entire industry aspires. 

Their presence has been making waves across the world of iGaming – both in the world of B2B, and on the side of the player – since 2012 but, in recent months, they have managed to attain a new life in new and highly lucrative markets. Read more below. 

White Hat Gaming

Of course, it is a core aspect of White Hat Gaming’s unique position within the world of iGaming that they should go largely unnoticed by the average player. While their ability to work magic behind the scenes, and enable casino sites to function perfectly for every visitor, is a testament to the strength of their B2B offering, it does mean that many casino enthusiasts miss valuable opportunities to follow this company’s lasting upward trajectory within the industry. 

At this point in time, they maintain three primary sides to their business. For one thing, their white label solutions; for another, their sportsbook; finally, their hosting platform. What this gives them is a unique and highly desirable position within an industry that is already thriving. 

Boosting Their Position in Europe  

Less than a third of a way into the new year, White Hat Gaming further augmented their already strong position within the global iGaming markets via a series of game-changing partnerships.

First, in mid-March of 2021, it was announced that White Hat Gaming had successfully formed a new partnership with the software developer Swintt. The company revealed that, along with Swintt, they had devised a ‘game plan’ for collaborating on distribution across key European markets. 

A matter of days later, the company announced a new relationship with the software developer Playson, who boast an incredibly strong portfolio of games – all of which have been certified for use within major European territories. With the announcement, White Hat Gaming’s CCO stated that this partnership would enable an “effortless” boost to the company’s reach, thus enabling the company to continue their legacy of continued, enviable advancement in this competitive landscape. 

Watch this Space

Given the remarkable speed with which White Hat Gaming has furthered its reach – and augmented its existing position within some of the most exciting and lucrative gaming markets in the world – it seems fair to suppose that this company has plenty more planned in 2021, and that we can expect more momentous advancements as the year progresses. 

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