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Where is it Legal to Sports Bet in North America?

Sports betting has been gaining steam due to things like DFS which stands for daily fantasy sports. People love fantasy football and as sports betting continues to grow, so will fantasy football. As countries and individual states and territories deal with this, more people wonder, where is it legal to sports bet in North America?


In Mexico the laws are seemingly a little more open to interpretation when it comes to sports betting than in a lot of different countries. Gambling as a whole is legal and mostly regulated. When it comes to online gambling though the laws are not very specific. This is apparently because the laws have not changed much since the early 2000’s. Now Mexico is starting to figure out what it wants to do in terms of online gambling but currently, it seems to be allowed without restriction which sure the country will want to change. In being able to regulate it, Mexico can then tax it.

For specifically gambling on sports online, fans are also able to without much regulation. That means that watching international events and gambling on them should be able to be done without a problem. Mexico will likely change heading into 2022 for their gambling laws but for now, sports betting is legal and likely will stay as such throughout Mexico.


Of all the countries in North America, Canada allows for the most betting when it comes to sports betting. The major requirement in Canada are that places have a license for it but otherwise, players are free to place bets on local and international games. There are a lot of places online to gamble too but the best bookmakers in Canada are offering better odds for many players.

Canada is very much connected to the United States when it comes to sports as the NBA, MLB, NHL and MLS all have professional teams with the NFL possibly not too far behind. That means that many players who may want to bet on sports and still be involved in watching them can in Canada.

United States

The United States easily has the most complicated laws and rules when it comes to sports betting. Each state within the US is able to make their own laws when it comes to gambling and many other things in general. There are some like Nevada and New Jersey where all betting is allowed. Then there are other states where only gambling but not betting on sports is allowed. This can cause for players and fans to be a bit confused about where they can gamble.

Within the US the safest places to bet where one does not need to worry about the rules as much is in the previously mentioned states of Nevada and New Jersey. Both Las Vegas and Atlantic City are known for allowing betting of all sorts and this includes big sportsbooks.

That said, the US is slowly but surely allowing for gambling at all levels. More than half the states in the US will be allowing sports betting within the next two years. Also with major sports leagues like the MLB and NFL allowing for sponsors within the DFS world, it is becoming more common. Overall within the next five to ten years, sports betting will be mostly allowed throughout the US with the way things are going.

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