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When is the Hogwarts Legacy State of Play?

Hogwarts Legacy State of Play

Of the many games coming out soon, Hogwarts Legacy is one that will certainly attract a large group of people. Not just Harry Potter fans but those who like the idea of a fully open-world game with Wizards and Witches throwing spells at each other. Since the initial announcement, not much has been shown about the game. Luckily, the next Hogwarts Legacy State of Play is coming to give fans a look into the game and possibly even a release date.

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Harry Potter is easily one of the biggest franchises of all time. The books were wait in long lines for release good and the movies filled many seats on opening nights. Yet, when it comes to video games, outside of the first few years, Harry Potter as a franchise has lacked statement games. This is especially true in the latest era of gaming. The hope is that Hogwarts Legacy will fill that massive hole.

The game is set in the 1800’s with players participating as a quintessential character for the time. They are holding onto “an ancient secret” that could tear apart the wizarding world. For the first time, players will get into one of the four major houses and seemingly will have the choice to be good or evil. For those wanting to have their own wizarding adventure and get their letter in the mail at 10-years-old, this may be the closest they will get to that experience.

For those looking for when the Hogwarts Legacy State of Play is they won’t have to wait too long. The State of Play is on 3/17/2022 at 5pm est. This will be a 20 minute show with 14 minutes of gameplay. The hope will be that fans will get a release date with this as well.

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