After taking almost a 3-year hiatus from the gaming community E3 makes its return. The Electronic Entertainment Expo makes a comeback for E3 2023.

Starting June 13 E3 will be launching with a new revamped format. The gaming expo will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center running from June 13-June 16. While all things gaming will still be in the spotlight it won’t be conducted in its traditional way. E3 will be separated into two different sets of days. These are the business and consumer days. In simpler terms the industry and gamer days.

The Separate Days

E3 business days are scheduled for June 13-15. During the business days, the expo is only reserved exclusively for registered industry personnel to network in person, hold professional meetings, and connect with licensors and distributors. E3 business days are only limited to registered industry members for networking and meetings. While the general public has restricted access the media will be allowed to go hands-on with upcoming games in dedicated, industry-only spaces.

E3 consumer days is the E3 that gamers are traditionally accustomed to. The duration of this event will run on June 15 and 16. It will be taking place in a completely different area from the business area. On consumer days gamers will be allowed to explore the convention. They can go hands-on with the same upcoming and new games that the media has interacted with. Gamers can also connect with developers, content creators, etc.

Registration for the expo will begin in December 2022. Other additional details regarding the event will come at a later date.

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