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What is the One Piece Odyssey Release Date?

One Piece Odyssey Release Date

What seems like an eternity without a new anime game, Bandai Namco recently revealed their newest entry. The Brand New One Piece Game, One Piece Odyssey, released their first trailer. But what is the One piece Odyssey Release Date? Set to release in 2022, developers gave no other date. Not even a month or season. Therefore, the chances are that the game will release quite late into 2022.

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A speculated date of October to December seems most reasonable. In the trailer, no gameplay was provided. And in the producer interview, the narrator stated that they have been working on One Piece Odyssey as a long term project. But despite being a long term project, how can there be no gameplay footage?

Chances are, they’re still in the heavy developmental stages for the gameplay aspects. Judging from the previews that were shown, One Piece Odyssey seems to be a JRPG. This means the game will likely be turn based for its combat. A screen shot here shows the monsters in the overworld. And with most JRPGs, the combat will begin after interacting with the monster.

What this means is that the exploration, graphics, and even the models are rather separate from the combat itself. For those confused, think of something like Pokemon or Dragon Quest. These bring players into an entirely new interface upon beginning combat.  It’s separate from the exploration, cut scenes, dialogue, etc. Therefore, the more presentable/ready parts of One Piece Odyssey must be the exploration and animated cut scenes, rather than the combat.

In conclusion

It’s rather clear that the developers for One Piece Odyssey need more time before even committing to a release date. The fact that combat hasn’t been revealed, and that not even a season or month was stated for the release date shows that the game requires far more work before it’s deemed “presentable.” Even in the producer interview, the man stated that One Piece Odyssey has been a long term project. And despite being a long term project, to have little information presented during the official year of release communicates a ton about their preparation.

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