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What is the Monster Hunter Sunbreak Release Date?

Sunbreak Release Date

When Monster Hunter Rise initially came out, it took the Nintendo player base by storm. Thousands of players threw away MHGU, finally having an updated Monster Hunter game on the Nintendo Switch. And since its initial release, the community grew quite robust. This then begs the question, what is the Monster Hunter Sunbreak Release Date?

Release Date

After some initial delays, the Monster Hunter Sunbreak Release Date officially falls on June 30, 2022. Keep in mind, though this is a huge new installment, players must already have purchased Monster Hunter Rise to access Sunbreak. Monster Hunter Sunbreak received a good amount of delays, initially having been announced for April to May. But as the community knows, the Monster Hunter developers never disappoint when it comes to delivering final products. The delays surely occurred for good reason, as to ensure quality assurance.

Players mastered the Wire Bug alongside all the possible combos for their main weapons. And by now, the try hard committed players have long since completed the post game content, acquiring the strongest mathematically possible gear. Monster Hunter Sunbreak is sure to up the level of gameplay, providing more monsters and more equipment for players to grind. So eat those meals, and prepare for another hunt-a-thon!

In Conclusion

A couple of trailers released, but a lot of Sunbreak’s content remains a mystery. Considering how drastic Iceborne was for Monster Hunter World, the expectations are incredibly high for the new DLC. Monster Hunter casual fans and veterans, June 30, 2022 will surely mark a memorable day in Monster Hunting history. Hopefully, Sunbreak drastically ups the difficulty curve, providing more fun one shot monsters and amazing new gear to grind.

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