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What is Kingdom Hearts Missing Link?

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link

The 20th anniversary event for Kingdom Hearts blew the community’s mind. Revealed during the event is a brand new entry to the Kingdom Hearts Franchise, Kingdom Hearts Missing Link. But what is Kingdom Hearts Missing Link? Here is everything known about the game, analyzing gameplay shown in the trailer alongside canonical lore.

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First and foremost, Kingdom Hearts Missing Link is a mobile game. This may disappoint some fans, especially those who didn’t like the previous two mobile entries. In regards to gameplay and graphics, the previous Kingdom Hearts Mobile games were definitely an acquired taste. Drastically varying from the main line series’ mechanics, the mobile games provided tons of lore context but weren’t the most exhilarating gameplay experiences.

By the way, these two mobile games refer to X and Union Cross, not Re Coded. 

How will Kingdom Hearts Missing Link be different?


Kingdom Hearts Missing Link

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link draws a stronger foundation in gameplay with the mainline series. The gameplay looks three dimensional, with combat mechanics similar to the ones fans are familiar with. In other words, it’s focused on real time combat and action.

The battles seem centered around encounters, rather than keeping it free. So imagine something like Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories battle encounters, where running into an enemy begins the fight. This creates a more controlled environment for combat.

But throughout battle, it looks like certain sprites pop out as each move is activated. These are likely indicative, unfortunately, gacha units. Donald randomly pops out while using spells, and Sora appears during another move as well. Outside of the basic KeyBlade combos, everything seems to pop out a small amiibo like character.

Since Kingdom Hearts Missing Link is a mobile game, it’s highly likely that a gacha system will tie the moves and combos together. Hopefully it won’t be too pay to win, and that rates won’t be absolutely abysmal.

The combat supports both vertical and horizontal play. Through the trailer, the perspective changes from 1080×1920 to 1920×1080. This points towards the game supporting both horizontal and vertical play.


Kingdom Hearts Missing Link

From the looks of it, it seems like Kingdom Hearts Missing Link will have multiplayer functions. At the end of the trailer, multiple keyblade wielders can be seen fighting in a single area. Of course, this is purely speculation, but having multiplayer in Kingdom Hearts Missing Link wouldn’t be all that out of the ordinary. In fact, Union Cross actually had a multiplayer function for specific missions.

It’s quite possible that Missing Link will mirror this format, allowing players to queue up for specific missions to play alongside other people. Unlike the main line series, which requires the player to play Sora most of the time, Missing Link may have character customizations. Throughout the trailer, three distinct characters are shown in the gameplay. Whether or not these are canonical playable characters or customized ones is still unknown.


Nothing much revealed in regards to story. Per usual, the trailer talks in Kingdom Hearts language. So it uses very esoteric language, attempting to leave as much in the dark and convoluting things as much as possible. But Missing Link probably provides context to the creation of worlds, since the setting of the game is in Scala Ad Caelum. For those who don’t know, Scala Ad Caelum gives birth to all worlds within the universe of Kingdom Hearts.

Mentioned in the trailer, “this is a city of light and darkness, dreams and distortion, the remembered and the forgotten.” That tells so little, yet also reveals so much. The setting of the story likely occurs in a timeline outside of the typical main line Kingdom Hearts series. In a world where time exists separately from the present, as referred to be the remembered and the forgotten. What does this exactly mean? No idea. But the narrative refers to “you” throughout the trailer, so it’s likely that there will be character creation and customization. 

In Conclusion

There’s not much information confirmed about Kingdom Hearts Missing Link. But there will be a closed beta coming in specific regions in 2022, with no date revealed quite yet. This entire trailer was a big fat tease. Also take the information here with a bit of a grain of salt. The analysis seems very logically sound, but with none of the information having been officially revealed and more so speculated from analysis, there is definitely a margin of error.

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