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What Goes On Behind the Scenes Before the Development Stage of Good Online Games?

Most gamers will be aware of the solid work that goes on behind the scenes in the actual development of games, where teams of computer whizzes work tirelessly to turn strings of code into breath-taking on-screen action. An example of how big this scale can be was seen in the development of Red Dead Redemption 2, where around 2000 people at Rockstar Games worked on creating the epic title for around five years. But some players may be less aware of what happens before the actual development stage. Prior to even starting to build the game, studios need to invest time into the research phase.

Research Into Different Cultures

Massive blockbuster titles like RDR2 generally gain mass appeal because they are created by esteemed studios and have huge advertising drives to get into markets all over the world. For smaller, online games such as slots, on the other hand, developers need to consider the main markets in which they are going to try to push their games. India, for example, is an upcoming market in the online casino industry, and developers are working hard to create content that will appeal to players there.

There needs to be a great deal of cultural awareness when it comes to designing games for different markets, so developers creating content for India must research that market before they get started. This has been done well at Genesis Casino, where Indian games like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar are available, and the colours are bold and exciting.

The reason for this is because Indian players like a livelier colour scheme than western audiences, with the clothing and decorations in the country renowned for being vibrant. India is also famous for its colour festival, Holi, where people go out into the streets and throw multi-coloured paint powder at each other.

Identifying Trends in Popular Culture

As well as making the games appropriate for different markets, research aims to identify trends in popular culture. Slot and mobile game developers, in particular, often turn to television or film when it comes to picking up on emerging genres or themes. If a series is attracting a lot of viewers, developers can see this as an opportunity to create a game that is going to have a high recognisability factor.

One of the most notable examples of this was seen with Game of Thrones, which was among the most talked-about series of all time. Microgaming developed a slot based on the HBO series knowing that it would attract a lot of attention. In saturated lists of slots online, it is important for a game to stand out from the crowd. Developers looking at current trends on TV could opt to make a game based on Tiger King, The Boys, or What We Do in the Shadows.

The research and planning stage is an important element in a long sequence that goes on behind the scenes before a game is released. After the studio has discovered its target audience and researched its markets, it can begin the game design and development stages. The games that players enjoy are the result of tireless work backstage.

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