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What does 2021 Hold for Online Gambling and Sports Betting?

The online gambling industry has made some remarkable strides in the past few years. For starters, more countries have legalized the sector, from the US to Germany. Secondly, sportsbooks have become important financiers of sports franchises and leagues.

In 2021, the industry will continue doing what started a few years ago. For example, mobile betting will become more rampant. Bonuses will become a right for every player and casinos will innovate to increase players’ experience and their bottom line. Without further ado, below are five top predictions for the online gambling and sports betting industry.

Increased Legislation in the US

The debate to legalize online gambling in the US has been raging on for years. However, most states got serious about it after the Supreme Court struck off the PASPA Act that previously banned sports betting in 2018. Delaware, New Jersey and Mississippi authorized sports betting within six months of the decision.

Nearly two years later, twenty states have authorized sports betting. Some of the jurisdictions permit in-person betting alone. But over a dozen states also allow mobile betting.  A few of the states, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania, also authorize online casinos.

In 2021, more states will get into the online gambling business. New York, South Dakota and Maryland are some of the states actively pursuing bills to legalize the industry. Gov Cuomo of NY plans to run sports betting through the state lottery.

On the flip side, South Dakota and Maryland showed support for sports betting through ballot November last year. Legislators in these states are yet to draft bills on how the industry will operate, though.

Free Bets and Bonuses will Become a Right

For a long time, sportsbooks and online casinos have been using bonuses as marketing tools to welcome new customers and treat loyal players. The problem: not every operator does it. Some casinos have generous rewards for new players but nothing for high rollers.

This could change in 2021. The competition among gambling websites is rife. For these businesses to thrive, they need to give out sweet bonuses religiously. That means it will become easier for all players to claim free bets and promotions.

In case you’re wondering, there’s a really comprehensive page here that features legal sports betting websites online and their bonuses. The list focuses on British sportsbooks, more so, top-rated companies with a reputation for providing quality services.

Although we’re hopeful casinos will give out bonuses regularly, getting free bets isn’t the biggest concern for many players. The issue is that not all bonuses give you a chance to win real money. Some operators have large bonuses tied with extremely hard to fulfill terms and conditions.

In light of that information, always take time to read a promotion’s policies. What are the wagering requirements? What’s the maximum you can withdraw? Choose a bonus that makes it easy to cash out your winnings.

More attention to Crypto Payments

Throughout the past decade, gambling sites have had a love-hate relationship with cryptocurrencies. Some companies loathed Bitcoin when it came out, often linking it to dark web crimes. Then they embraced the digital coin but abandoned it after some governments began to crack down on it.

In the past two years, the gambling industry has developed a favorable attitude for crypto. Many operators view it as an alternative payment method. And as such, there’s no harm in allowing players to use for deposits and withdrawals.

Some casinos and betting websites believe crypto is a lot more than a payment method. That’s why they have games built on blockchain—the decentralized ledger through which Bitcoin operates. You can play slots, roulette and even video poker based on blockchain. And the benefit is that these games are truly fair.

Fairness aside, crypto can also be used to reward new and loyal customers. Casinos give out Bitcoin bonuses akin to cash rewards. They match your deposit 100% up to 5BTC. Or they give you a fraction of Bitcoin for your loyalty.

Esports Betting will Grow

A couple of years ago, eSports was an infant sport for the nerds. Now, it’s a billion-dollar industry financed by giant brands like Toyota, Corolla and Mercedes Benz. Top events attract millions of views and in turn, winners can take up to $3 million in winnings.

As it turns into an established sport, eSports is already attracting the attention of sports betting companies. From the UK to the US, lots of sportsbooks now allow you to wager on popular video games like FIFA 2021, League of Legends, Fortnite and CS: GO.

Esports will continue from where it stopped in 2020. It was a breakout sports that caught everybody’s attention partly because it wasn’t affected by COVID-19 as much as traditional sports.

Mobile Gaming will Advance

Mobile gaming is another trend in the online gambling industry projected to continue into 2021. People’s love for mobile devices keeps growing—Over three billion people in the world use mobile devices. Of people who use the Internet, over half of them prefer to use their mobile devices over computer desktops.

That means the greater percentage of online casino and sports betting players in 2021 will bet through mobile devices. As part of their job, many online gambling sites have apps and websites custom designed to suit the needs of mobile players.

They also have designed games to run on mobile devices smoothly. What’s more, these websites and apps operate nearly the same way as desktop-based sites. That way, players won’t have a reason to abandon mobile casinos over their desktop counterparts.


Last year was terrible for many businesses worldwide. Online gambling sites were an exception, though. They thrived where others struggled. For that reason, they have become attractive sources of revenues, which is why many states in the US have bills meant to legalize the industry.

Legislation aside, online casinos are becoming more competitive. They have websites for mobile players, constant bonuses and new payment methods like cryptos. They also embrace new trends like eSports quickly, something expected to continue happening in 2021.

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