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What Do You Need to Become an Esports Betting Pro?

Is it possible to earn money from eSports betting? Yes, but only 5% of the total number of players can boast about it. Let’s take a look at the key success factors for a professional player, without which achieving a positive result over the long haul is impossible. In addition to theoretical knowledge, you should get acquainted with a set of practical tips that will help you develop the necessary qualities to improve your results.

So, if a bettor wants to count on the potential profit from his activities, he must clearly follow a certain model of behavior, based on unconditional compliance with his own regulations. Over the years of practice by trial and error, it can be argued that there are 5 key factors that hold the pillars of a successful betting player.

There are also no strict professional standards, requirements, or criteria. Here are just some recommendations that can be given to such a person.

  • Form a systematic way of thinking. It is most often inherent in mathematicians, and financiers. For example, one of the most successful bookies Joe Peta worked as a financial analyst on Wall Street before his career as a prognosticator. Skills in analyzing large amounts of statistical information are useful.
  • A comprehensive study of the betting business. To do this, it is advisable to read specialized literature and attend training courses. This will help you find the best odds in bookmakers’ offers and notice the trends in quotes.
  • Make an in-depth study of eSports. It is important to know the rules of the game, tournament formats, and the calendar. Daily news about championships, teams, players, and sports-related businesses should be studied.
  • Familiarize yourself and learn how to use special software, the software for the analysis of large statistical data sets eSports.
  • Choose and test a specific betting strategy. To confirm good results at the distance, you need to make at least 200-300 bets. You don’t have to bet money; you can test your strategy virtually by compiling your own statistics.
  • Adhere to a strict financial discipline. Choose one of the financial management strategies and stick to it even at the stages when betting on Esports lose.
  • Test your mental toughness. Good predictions are important, but still the deciding factor, according to most professionals, remains a cool head. Emotions, excitement, infatuation, and, even more so, addiction should be excluded.

Betting in Live

The most correct betting strategy for some eSports disciplines is in-play betting. For instance, if the bettor is familiar with the CS: GO tournament regulations, he can predict in advance exactly on which cards the game will take place and, accordingly, draw conclusions about the strength of this or that team in the upcoming event. The best bookmaker for such bets is GG BET with a variety of outcomes and match broadcasts. Create an account right now and see for yourself!

As for disciplines such as Dota 2 and LoL, there is a certain risk inherent in pre-match betting – in these games, there are more than a hundred characters, and you can draw conclusions about the balance of power in a particular match only after the teams have chosen their heroes, which is done a few minutes before the meeting. Therefore, the Dota 2 betting strategy involves not only analyzing the level of the teams but also analyzing the choice of heroes and their capabilities at a particular stage of the game. If you master this technique to perfection, you can steadily play in the plus.

General Tips

Tips for betting on eSports are not particularly different from those that can be given for betting on regular sports. Analyze, read predictions, try to understand cybersports in order to be aware of what is happening in the game, and try to apply strategies. Bet wisely and play for fun!

Pay attention to the choice of heroes in Dota 2 and LoL, analyze the latest team games and face-to-face meetings of the opponents, follow the state of the team and players and choose your bookmaker’s office wisely – it is worth analyzing the odds because they can often differ significantly depending on the bookmaker.

Many people advise not to bet on NAVI matches – in the eSports community there is a legend that no matter what outcome you choose at the bookmaker in the game involving the legendary team Natus Vincere, the bet will still fail. Despite the unpredictability of matches involving the legendary cybersports organization, many people try to solve this mystery every time and what is the reason for this pattern.


Betting on video games is available in all legal betting companies. There are special companies that position themselves as bookmakers whose main focus is eSports. For live betting and in pre-match mode, players have access to dozens of different disciplines – from Dota 2 and CS: GO to Fortnite and Valorant. Users have a wide choice of events for betting in any game mode.


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